Bread & Wine Project

Any of you that have stuck around here for more than a day know how much I have fallen in love with "Bread & Wine" by Shauna Niequist. I know I have talked about it a lot but, I am not sure I have ever been as inspired by a book as I have been by this one in particular. However I have processed through this book and found that the reason it has move me so much is not what I originally thought. 

The reason I have been so in love with "Bread & Wine" is not because it is a well written book, though it is. It is not because it is about great food, or because the author is witty and captivating, though these things are true as well. But what has truly drawn me to this book is the storytelling.  At one point in the book this was said and it really resonated with me, "I have long held the belief that one's tears are a guide, that when something makes you cry, it means something. If we pay attention to our tears, they'll show us something about ourselves." I loved this. As I have confessed before I adid am a crier, in a big way. However, I found myself moved to tears in every chapter of this book. I wanted to go out and run, or dance to my favorite song, or make a huge mess in the kitchen, or sit and share a meal with an old friend, or play the piano (I don't even play instruments)...what I am saying is I was moved...I was rocked...I was awakened. I felt more fully alive while reading the stories inside this little book than I have in all my life. 

This may sound dramatic, but it is true. And I was not awakened because it was a book about food that was just really well written. I was awakened because of the storytelling. 

As I began to see this theme emerge in my mind while processing the book and the emotions I felt while reading I began to reflect on my childhood. This love affair with storytelling did not just pop into my heart on a whim as I began reading this book. It has always been there. I can remember as a little girl, my dad would tell my sister and I elaborate bedtime stories of two made up characters that lived on a farm. He modeled his stories after his own experiences form his childhood growing up on a farm in Mississippi, but every night, or almost every night...he told us stories. My mom did as well. She would go to the movies and come home, and our bedtime story would be some version of the movie she had just was wonderful. 

I have always loved to read, but I have found it is not just a hobby, it brings me more to life when I read a good book. I feel more like myself, and more comfortable in my skin as I lose myself in another world or character. Stories have always appealed to me, yet I have found that I am just now connecting all this at the age of 23 while reading a book about food and the table. 

So where am I going with all of this? Well...I do not know that I am even fully sure yet. But what I do know, is that I have discovered a passion within myself that was placed there by the Lord himself. I view the world through the lense of storytelling. It awakens my soul, and I often process or translate what I am learning or thinking through stories...whether that is on my blog or in a journal or with a friend...I find stories everywhere I look in my life. 

Stories matter. Storytelling is important, Jesus Christ himself was the chief storyteller. He did not just teach principles, he taught through stories, parables, and painting pictures with his words. I find I am the happiest when reading a story, telling a story, or listening to a story. This could be a novel, a move, a song, or my husband talk about his day. Stories matter. 

So in order to continue to further explore this new found passion and love in my heart I am going to work through this book and all the recipes in it. I want to fuel this awakening that my heart and mind are feeling if nothing more than to see if I can learn more about myself in this process. Isn't it crazy that you can find yourself at 23 years old still learning who the Lord has made you to is mind boggling to me. Anyways, I am going to cook through all the recipes in this book. I want to challenge myself, I want to learn to cook better, I want to create with my hands....who says an artist is only a person who can paint, I think art can be seen in taking flour, water and yeast and creating a beautiful loaf of French bread, or a sourdough roll. So I want to pursue creativity, storytelling, and being fully alive in Christ...starting in my kitchen.

I would LOVE for you to join me. You can use the hashtag #breadandwineproject to tag your pictures and tweets on Instagram for others to see, and I would love to hear from you personally if you cook a recipe from Shauna's book and blog about it. Let's pursue the gifts the Lord has given us, what desires he has laid deep in our hearts that have yet to be dicovered. Let's explore oursleves, so that we can be the women the Lord desires us to be in our homes!

Who's with me? Feel free to use the picture below to add to your blog posts or Instagram. Would love to have you walk through this with me!

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