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It is time again for another Handmade Highlight. To read my heart behind this series, and why I support handmade big and small check out this post. I am so happy to introduce to you Katherine, or Kat from Riley Writes Scout today! Katherine and I both went to Mississippi State University, and even were in a Bible study together with some mutual friends during our time in college. Katherine has a passion for hand lettering, and she has a talent to match! I hope you will all go check out her adorable Etsy shop! So without further delay, meet Katherine!
Photo Credit - Rebecca Long Photography
I fell in love with Katherine's work when one of my bridesmaids asked her to create my lingerie shower invitation! It turned out so adorable, and classy...I have been head over heels for all her products since then!

Now for some fun questions to get to know Katherine a little better!

What inspired you to open up shop full time?
I loved paper & pens growing up, so much so that the majority of my allowance as a kid went to purchasing them at every opportunity. I can’t tell you how many dozens of Pilot Precise Extra Fine pens are probably lying around my parents’ house to this day… Fast-forward to college & my escape from the stress of studying engineering was doodling in my Moleskine journal & designing shower invitations for my sorority sisters. That over time led to me teaching myself calligraphy & designing almost all of my own wedding paper products. And I loved every minute of it. So why not create a business doing what you love?

What has been the greatest joy for you in creating something for others?
It’s the honor in helping people create something special to show their love for those in their life, such as a print for a bride’s maid of honor of her favorite bible verse or designing an invitation for sweet little boy’s first birthday.

What is the story behind the name Riley Writes Scout?
RileyWrites Scout gets its name from a little daydream of mine. Riley was the name of our first pup that unfortunately came home from the shelter as a combo set with a pretty mean virus. He was the sweetest dog, and I like to think that one day Riley will write letters to his future sibling, Scout, about how to soften up her owners to allow puppy snuggles in bed, where the best places are to hide toys, how to act like the family’s protector, etc. Basically how to live a long and happy life.

What has been my favorite thing to make?
A custom baptism invitation for the daughter of dear family friends. We all attend First Methodist in my hometown of Montgomery, Alabama, and the artwork request for their invitation was what was really special: to hand draw the Rose Window from our sanctuary. First Methodist has been a generational church on my dad’s side, and some of my family helped in the building our lovely cathedral, including donating the Rose Window. So to be able to draw something of sentimental significance to me for such sweet friends in honoring their daughter’s baptism will always be one of my favorite projects.

What is one thing the Lord is teaching you right now?
To trust in his timing. My husband & I are in the stage of life where we’re trying to figure out where to go from here. We moved to the DC area right after getting married, but both of our families still live 800+ miles away. So do we stay or do we move closer? If we move, do we move sooner or later? What will our job(s) situation look like? So it’s been a lot of being still and researching and being still… But in the meantime, we’ll continue to have a great experience in living where we are & reminding ourselves that we are where we need to be at the moment.

What is one piece of advice you would give to small business owners?
Know the boundaries between your business & your life. There’s always something else you could work on, but remember to actually live your life, too. Small business burnout is a real thing, plus your day-to-day life & adventures will always be what refreshes & inspires you to try new things within your business. So work hard, but not too hard.

Thanks so much Katherine for letting my showcase your wonderful talent on the blog today! :) Follow Katherine - WEBSITE // ETSY // INSTAGRAM // FACEBOOK 

Also, I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to one of my wonderful May sponsors, Leah of Hope Collective! Leah is new to the blogging world, but had made her blog a space to enjoy and share wedding planning inspiration, as well as updates on her Etsy shop!

Here are some fun little interview questions so you can get to know sweet Leah better!

What is your favorite part of blogging?
My favorite part of blogging I would have to say is getting to share my corner of the world with people from all over - whether it's Alaska, Australia, or Raleigh. I think that is really really awesome. Not to mention beginning to make connections with other bloggers, and hopefully that turning into good friendships. Also, the inspiration! I love checking out people's pictures and DIY projects.

What are you craving right now?
Tacos. Because it's Cinco de Mayo! 

What are you reading?
Wedding magazines. haha But really, I was on a roll at the beginning of this year to read books I owned that I hadn't touched yet, and I had done really well with that but have come to a stall. Now I'm going to pick up a few books I own that I only partially read (I have a bad habit of not finishing books). My Bible Study group read through the Envy of Eve last year, and I read all of it but one chapter I believe, so I'm going to go back and finish that. I highly recommend that book for women - it addresses different areas of our lives where women tend to covet, and it's Biblically based. The lady who wrote it lives here in Charlotte, NC.

How would you describe your ideal day?
My ideal day would involve getting to sleep in, followed by a little reading before I got out of bed. Then I'd get my coffee going, and make an omelette for a late breakfast, with hashbrowns....mmm. I'd eat my breakfast, then put some music on and make jewelry for most of the day. :) I would play around with some painting, probably watercolors. I'd do some sort of exercise in the afternoon then have dinner with my family. Now that would be my ideal day when I don't get to see my fiance (he works offshore). If he was here, off of work, my ideal day would be spending it with him, walking around downtown Matthews, going to little shops, grabbing lunch together at the really delicious BBQ place, and maybe going to a park for the afternoon, followed by a date night with him. :)

So thankful to know you Leah, and congrats again on your new engagement!

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