Friday Letters // Puppy Edition

Dear Benjamin Caleb, you have been the best pup dad in all the world these past three days. You woke up every two hours to the whines of Piper on night #1 and gladly took her out every time. You came home for lunch yesterday and we took the pup for a walk, and you talked me down from my emotional rambling. Thanks for dealing with my crazy emotions, tears, and constant phone calls these past few days, and for reminding me that Piper won't always be a puppy, so to enjoy it all, even the stressful parts. 

Dear Piper, you are the cutest ball of fur I have ever laid eyes on. This morning we played tug of war, you went number #2 for the first time for me outside, and we cuddled in bed all before 8 am. Even though you fight me on the leash, and try to eat every acorn and leaf in our yard I still am head over heels for you. 

Dear Madison, thank you for being a great friend through all 4 days of me being a fur mama. You have reminded me that she will get in a routine, and my life will become normal again and not dictated by a small animal's bladder. Who says blog friends aren't real life friends?

Dear self, just calm down. She is just a pup, and an irregular schedule is expected. Take advantage of all the unplanned cuddle sessions, and messy puppy kisses while you can. And breathe. You can get to your to do list eventually.

Dear Weekend, thank you for finally being here. You have some fun things in store for us as a family of three. Farmer's Market, lakeside picnics, birthday celebrations with family, and lots of memories to be made! 

Much Love, 


Also, a big congrats to Kaitlin B. on winning the Fullness of Joy giveaway! I will be getting in touch with on on sending you your package! :)

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