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First things first, a little correction and note from yesterday's post on the Bread & Wine Project... It came to my attention yesterday afternoon that there is another link up on the first Wednesday of ever month. SO, because I love this other link up, and never want to create an environment of competition on this space I am moving the first link up to WEDNESDAY JULY 9TH! :) The link up will happen the second Wednesday of every month now instead of the first! 

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Now, moving right along! :) 

I love this series! So so much! It is such a joy to highlight small business and godly women who are working hard for Jesus through their gifts. If you want to read my heart behind Handmade Highlights and how it all began check out this post. 

Today I have the sweet privilege of introducing you all to a dear blog friend, Holly of Holly's Joy Design. Holly's heart for Jesus and incredible testimony of commitment in the midst of trials are inspirational. This lovely lady has big dreams, and is working hard to see them become reality! So without rambling, meet this gem of a lady, and check out her interview before to get to know her a little better!

What inspired you to pursue opening an Etsy Shop?
Owning my own business has been a long time dream of mine. My father always encouraged me to dream big and work for myself so I was an entrepreneur from a young age. I sold my artwork along with a number of odd jobs throughout high school and college. As an avid DIYer, I knew I wanted to create just about everything for Derek and my wedding, including our invitations. After our wedding, I began designing invitations and stationery suites for friends and family and absolutely loved it! I opened my Etsy shop this past year and love being able to use my creativity and talents for God’s glory. Going beyond invitations, I now create wall art, notecards, organizational tools, and custom designs – all designed to bring you closer to what matters most in life.

What has been the greatest joy for you in this business?
Joy :) One of my favorite words! I actually named my business “Holly's Joy” as a play on words. My name is Holly Joy, and my absolute favorite part of my business is getting to know the people behind the purchases - the faces on the other side of the computer screen! We may never meet in person, but they have invited me into their lives to create something beautiful for their home. It brings me such joy to be able work with my clients and bring their visions to life! 

What are your favorite items to make?
My absolute favorite items to make are custom designs. As I mentioned earlier, I love people, so getting to hear my client’s ideas and then work together to bring their vision to life is incredible! I have been blessed with a number of scripture customs lately. Writing the Word brings the text to life for me and it turns work into worship. 

How do you stay inspired?
Inspiration is something I struggled with when first starting out… I used to get lost in Pinterest, overwhelmed by how many amazing designers are out there. Now instead of online, I look at life for inspiration. Scripture, books, nature, and life experiences all get compiled to come back to when I’m ready to create. I also take a ton of pictures of things that inspire me – so much that my phone is totally full!

What is one thing the Lord is teaching you right now?
Contentment and patience in waiting - On the business side of things, it is so easy to fall into comparing with others through social media. "Why don't I have more sales/followers/success like other people seem to have overnight?" I have a desk print from Lara Casey that is an incredible reminder of what is most important in life - being content with what I have because I have Jesus. He is enough. On the personal side, my husband Derek and I have had a tough year. He has dealt with some major health issues and at times things have seemed so hopeless. We have postponed many dreams and goals (home renovation, starting a family, along with a few others) to focus on him returning to health. Having patience to wait for God's timing has been and is incredibly difficult; but looking back even on just the last 6 months He has taught me so much. We have a wonderful home despite the projects we want to accomplish, this time with just me and Derek is precious because everything changes when children come into the picture, and I have met the most amazing supportive community through the good and bad times. 

What is one piece of advice you would give to small business owners?
Be you! After first opening my shop I went through a time where there was so much to learn and was slightly obsessed with achieving perfection right off the bat. Well, perfection is impossible to achieve, and I spent way too many hours being pushed down by the comparison trap. I tried to be just like other successful businesses because if it was working for them, why wouldn't "it" work for me too? When I learned to let all that go and be myself, I began creating work that I was proud of and attracting clients who I LOVE to work with! I often cling to 1 Corinthians 12 where it talks about though we are one body we have many parts. Each one of our stories is unique and important to this life's journey so just be yourself!

Follow Holly and keep up with all her new designs!! :) AND use promo code OHSIMPLETHOUGHTS for 10% off anything you order from Holly's shop today!! :) YAY! 

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