The Bread & Wine Project Link Up

Happy Monday dear ones!! After a whirlwind of a weekend with two weddings in two different states, a trip to see grandparents, and now some much needed recharge time at the beach with Ben's family! So I am blogging from afar today, and I could not wait until our return to share this exciting news with you all! I am trying something new and sharing a video today about my heart behind this link up! Check it out above!

I hope you all join me on Wednesday, July 9th with some awesome recipes! 

The link up will always be the second Wednesday of each month, and every time there will be some food for thought for us to discuss in our posts! 

So for the first link up here is the little tidbit to think on, and write about. 

"God never meant man to be a purely spiritual creature. That is why He uses material things like bread and wine to put the new life into us. We make think this rather crude and unspiritual. God does not; He inventing eating. He likes matter. He invented it." - C. S. Lewis, Mere Christianity 

How does this quote strike you? 

What are the implications of this quote? 

"At the very beginning, and all through the Bible, all through the the stories of God and his people, there are stories about food, about life changing with the bite of an apple, about trading an inheritance for a bowl of stew, about waking up to find the land littered with bread, God's way of caring for his people; about a wedding where water turned to wine, Jesus' first miracle; about the very first Last Supper, the humble bread and wine becoming for all time, indelibly linked to the very body of Christ, the center point for thousands of years of tradition and belief. It matters. It mattered then, and it matters now, possibly even more so, because it's a way of reclaiming some of the things we may have lost along the way." -Shauna Niequiest, Bread & Wine

Why is food important to you?

What is the significance of gathering around a meal?

Cannot wait to link up with you all in July! Use #breadandwineproject in your cooking, recipe/meal planning, and posts on social media so we can all follow along with out intentionality in our kitchens!

ALSO, I will be having co hosts with this link up, and the first 5 people to sign up can use promo code BREADANDWINE for 50% off! 

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