Vacationing in Paradise

 Friends, can we all just stop for a minute and agree on the fact that the beach is just awesome?!...okay...agreed, now we can carry on. But really, when I think of the one place that is the definition of my "happy place" I would say it involves the beach. From the sand, to the salty wind, I love the relaxation that comes with a beach trip. It is so nice to get out of town, windows down, singing along with the radio knowing you are headed to vacation in paradise.

So needless to say I loved our time in Florida this past weekend. Ben and I went to celebrate our one year anniversary (a week late) and enjoyed every minute. We got sunburned (really sunburned) the first day, but we were determined nothing would damper our moods on this trip. So we explored shopping malls, neighborhoods, and little beach communities. We watched a million episodes of The Office ever night before bed while shoving yummy ice cream down our throats. We ate some of the best fresh fish I have ever had (seriously, Scamp Parmesan at Dewey Destin...oh my goodness, I will dream about that dish). We had a great time. I figured everyone would appreciate a few pics, so here are some shots from the weekend!

The best part is that we get to go back to the beach TWO MORE TIMES this summer. Yeah, twice...pinch me! Both of our families have asked us to tag along with them on their trips, and we were not super hard to persuade (we had our fingers crossed about getting to go on both trips). So cheers to an awesome weekend with my handsome hubby, and two more beach trips in the months ahead! 

Are you a beach person? What are you favorite spots at the beach?

P.S. Oh, and by the way, CONGRATS to Holly H. on winning our survey giveaway! Madison and I have sent you a $20 Starbuck giftcard via email, AND you will get to be our very first co host! We are so appreciative to everyone that took the survey! We are going to be looking over y'alls responses this week and next, and discussing how we want to restructure the link up! Exciting things happening ladies, we will let you know dates, and everything else really soon!!  
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