4th of July + Thoughts on Withdawing

This weekend was one for the books you guys. So many sweet memories were made. We kicked off the weekend with a fun date night Thursday night, and it was full speed ahead from there! Ben took me to my favorite little downtown restaurant for some yummy chocolate cheesecake, and then we watched a movie at home, and cuddle with little Piper girl. It was so fun, and such a needed time together!

Friday we got up early, made homemade blueberry lemon sweet rolls(remember I told you I was craving them last week?), and began our 4th of July. We went to the refuge for the morning, and had so much fun letter Piper run around. The refuge is a big wildlife reserve a few miles away from Starkville, and it is just the perfect place to relax and get away. 

Self timer pictures with a puppy cause lots of giggles. We finally got a few good shots, but not until after many ones like these above. Friday we grilled stuffed burgers, and had loads of watermelon. We watched fireworks, and then crashed hard. Saturday was spent working on projects, and cleaning up around the house. 

So seriously it was the best weekend. I think another reason why I enjoyed it so much is because I had decided on Wednesday of last week to just take some time to withdraw. First things first, I am a TOTAL extrovert. I get my energy from people, and so when it comes to withdrawing, I really do not enjoy it. I hate being alone for long periods of time, and really do not require "me" time. BUT..."But he would withdraw to desolate places and pray." Luke 5:16 Jesus withdrew. 

So this past weekend starting on Thursday I just signed off social media. I deleted my Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook apps on my phone, and did not look at them all weekend. For me this was a way to withdraw, and to stop, slow down time, and press into my here and now. I often find myself with my nose in my phone, halfheartedly listening to Ben talk, absorbed in the media world. Don't get me wrong, as a blogger, there is totally a time for social media, but it must be held into check. 

So I have decided to more actively set aside time to withdraw. I want to be present in my day to day life, and relish the gifts the Lord has given me like blue skies with no clouds, loud fireworks that you feel in your chest, watermelon dripping down my fingers, and the smell of burgers on the grill. (all of these are from my gratitude journal). 

Withdrawing helps to clear the skies in our life, slow down time, and it helps us to live fully in the everyday "mundane" moments! 

How was your 4th of July? I would love to hear about your fun holiday traditions!