Chambray + Hot Pink + Thoughts on Clothes

I shared on Monday about my journey to creating a capsule wardrobe, and my reasons behind it all. But for those of you who may have missed it here is a little recap. 

My clothes were causing me stress. I couldn't decide on outfits easily, I would get upset about how things looked on me, I was constantly craving was just not good. I was forgetting the truth of Matthew 6 that clothes, and food are not to become things that cause us to worry and forget the faithfulness of the Lord. 

I do not want to live a life consumed with buying more. 

I do not want my clothing to have dominion over my moods, or confidence. 

I want to feel good in what I wear, and be able to pick out outfits with ease, and no fuss. 

So because I am setting out on this journey, I am going to start posting outfits that are becoming my go to's, or outfits that just make me feel really comfortable and 100% me! So today I am sharing a perfect beachy travel day outfit! Pink is my favorite color, and this chambray top is one of the most versatile pieces I own! 

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