Community Brew Vol. 2 // MARRIAGE

Welcome to the second Community Brew link up! Madison and I so deeply enjoyed reading everyone's posts last time so we are excited to hear your thoughts and hearts today!
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So today's topic is marriage...and if you are engaged, or single do not think this is a topic you cannot jump into...we want to hear where you are at in whatever season you are in. I recently shared my story of singleness and it reminded me that even though I am married now, I still remember well the days of engagement and being single! 

I wanted to spend some time reflecting on some things that I have been thinking on lately in regards to my marriage. So Ben and I just celebrated our one year anniversary in May, and it was awesome. One whole year of Well I guess the biggest thing I am seeing now, is after year one there are several temptations I have to fight really hard against. 

1. The temptation to speak my mind in a dishonoring way.
After a year of marriage, I have found I am so much quicker to just say whatever I think...whether that is correcting Ben in the middle of sentence, critiquing his driving, or just being rather snappy. I have to guard so much more intentionally against the temptation to just speak. I do not think that means I cannot be who I am...but Proverbs 31:26 says, "She opens her mouth with wisdom, the teaching of kindness is on her tongue." So I am learning so much about what it means to open my mouth with wisdom rather than with carelessness...I should be bringing my husband goodness with my words, not negativity and harm. 

2. The temptation to settle into life. 
Can any other wives out there relate to this? It is SO EASY for me to go throughout my days...just checking one box after another without giving consideration to studying my husband, learning his needs, and pursuing him wholeheartedly every day! This has been a struggle for both myself and Ben. It is so easy to just turn the TV on after dinner, bury ourselves in our computers or cell phones, rather than really seeing each other, and being together. 

3. The temptation to be too jealous of alone time. 
If there is one thing the Lord is teaching me right now it is about how to truly be the body of Christ in our small city. I have found that without trying Ben and I have built walls around our home...people do not feel the freedom to just swing by and visit or join us for dinner without calling first because we have guarded ourselves. We have built up barriers to keep our alone time protected, and in an effort to pursue a healthy marriage, we have pushed people out. Don't get me wrong, I think every married couple needs alone time...but never at the sacrifice of reaching out to the body of Jesus. You see, to be married is to partner with someone else is carrying the Gospel out. So Ben and I are to picture the Gospel in our marriage, and then labor alongside one another to share that same Gospel in our home. It is hard to share that Gospel when it is only Ben and I around our table and in our living room every evening. 

This is something I am praying and striving to change. I do not want to miss opportunities to invest in the lives of others, and to welcome people into our home! 

These are just a few of the many things stirring in my heart and mind when I reflect on my marriage. I am so deeply grateful for my husband, and his leadership in our home. He works so hard, and is always pushing me to sanctification. 

What is the Lord teaching you where you are at right now? What steps can you take to walk in obedience to him?

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