Handcrafted + Vintage Inspired + Whimsy = MUST HAVE

It is no secret that I love Etsy, and more than Etsy, I love the small businesses and faces behind all the shops. I think it is incredible that women all around the world are using their creativity and passion to create unique things to sell to others. I have a big time crush on water color, and handwritten pieces also, so when Rachel of East West Design Co. reached out to me I knew I wanted to share them with you. Rachel & Lindsey are the creative minds behind this shop, and it is obvious to see how they pour themselves into each piece they create. I hope you check them out and share some love with these ladies. 

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What inspired you to open up shop?

Rachel: We've been living on different sides of the country for a year now, and we've always talked with each other about how "one day" we'll open up an Etsy shop together. We both had the same interest at the same time, but we were holding back because of the distance. Finally one day, Lindsey asked me, "What's really holding us back?" So we went for it!

Lindsey: It just seemed like the right timing.  Well, actually it seemed like the completely wrong timing, but we felt God telling us to do it anyway.  

What drives the prints and products you create? 

Lindsey: Sometimes I try to.  I want to be the one in charge.  I sit down with an idea & a plan & I start to paint, & it just doesn’t work out.  No matter what I do, nothing looks good.  But when I sit down to paint & I just DO it, I feel like the end result is almost always something that I’m pleased with.  If I just let what I feel like God is doing in my heart out, onto paper, I like what I’ve created.

Rachel: I definitely have to agree. When I try to imitate something I see on Pinterest or something Lindsey creates, it's never as good! When I just paint or letter and go with it, that's when it looks the best. 

What are your favorite items to make? 

Rachel: I love making custom birthday calendar orders! They're fun to make and I love when I can be creative with the colors. 

Lindsey: This changes almost daily. Right now I’m really liking the look of the stripes & the marbled background of this one.  It’s just fun when you try something new & it actually works, & that’s how I feel about the Be Still My Soul print.

What is your favorite summer beverage? 

Rachel: I've always had a weakness for the lemon berry slushie from Sonic, heavy on the lemon. Amazing. 

Lindsey: Ooh, hard to pick.  I love a strawberry limeade from Sonic, but we don’t have one of those here.  I would say the Java Chip Frappuccino from Starbucks is probably my current favorite.

A big thanks to Rachel and Lindsey for letting me share their work with you all today! These ladies are TALENTED and they love Jesus BIG! so please show them some love this week, and head over to their shop with that promo code!!