Lessons Learned from Piper the Pup

Disclaimer: I know puppies are not humans, and I know they are not 100% like babies...there, so know you cannot say I did not say this! :)

Piper the puppy has brought me the greatest joy. She is my little cuddle buddy at home while Ben is gone all day. She sits in my lap and sleeps almost all day while I work on the computer...she is the sweetest thing. 

However, when we brought this little ball of fur and energy into our home that first day, I had no idea how much I would learn about myself from having a puppy. I know some of you may read that and laugh, or think I am being ridiculously dramatic, go ahead, it really is true. There is so much of my character that has been revealed through this little animal being in our home...some good, and some really ugly. 

LESSON # 1- I am a worrier, and crazy protective. 
Whether Piper is running around without her leash, or coughing, or staying with family, or at home in her crate while I run errands...I stress out. I have seen a small glimpse of what it means to love a little being the way a mother loves a child (again before you roll your eyes, refer to the disclaimer). This little puppy has captured my heart, and I have such a deep love for her, and that often propels me to sinning by worrying, stressing, controlling, and micromanaging! I have felt emotions I have never felt before that all come from wanting to make sure Piper is safe...so while my motives or intentions are good, this has led me to snap at my husband, question his judgement, and worry constantly when Piper is with other people other than me...not good. 

LESSON # 2- I have been ruled by fear. 
This lesson rides on the back of lesson one, but I have found myself lost in all the what ifs when it comes to this pup's little life. What if she gets sick, what if she gets hit by a car, what if she cries while I am gone, what if...what if...what if... I think that the fear comes from a lack of faith in the Lord. I say this because I see this tendency to play the what if game rear it's head in my relationships, my marriage, and my life as a whole...I tend to be ruled by fear rather than faith. I am more likely to be skeptical or question a situation than I am to go with the flow and trust the Lord to work. 

LESSON # 3- I cannot wait to have children. 
Ben and I are trusting the Lord on his timing for multiplying our family. We trust that when He feels little coxes need to be brought into the world he will bless us with them. But, having Piper has caused my heart to swell with joy at the thought of a baby. Watching Ben so patiently work with Piper on simple commands like sit, come, and crate have been awesome. He plays with her everyday when he gets home, and she LOVES him. The minute he walks in the door, her tail is just wagging 90 to nothing, and she is ready to pounce on him. If this is just a taste of having kids with my best friend...I literally cannot wait. 

I am learning more about myself everyday through a puppy. Crazy, but the Lord will use crazy things sometimes to push us toward sanctification and becoming more aware of our sin! He is so good!