LIFETIME Influence Network Membership Giveaway

Friends! I am really excited to share this incredible giveaway with you today! Many of you have heard of the Influence Network, and many of you have not...and those of you who have not should run over to their website right now and check them out.

The whole reason I blog is to make much of Jesus. I write to inspire women to take care of their bodies, homes, families and husbands with the gifts the Lord has given them. I am always striving for my blog to be used for the influence of the Kingdom of God. So when I discovered the Influence Network, a place for women who desire to have influence for Jesus in their online spaces, I knew I had to be a part. I actually had one of the ladies hosting this giveaway with me email me about the Network because she thought I would enjoy being a part (thanks Jenni!) and I am so thankful that she did.

Being a member has been the most incredible experience. I have been able to take classes on building community online, and in real to set healthy boundaries for myself and my to dream big ideas that honor the Lord...and how to balance vulnerability on my blog. I am a part of a small group through the network, and have enjoyed that so much. I have made friends with some amazing Godly women around this country...and it has been awesome.

So when I was brainstorming giveaways for this month, I had the idea to do a lifetime membership giveaway. I decided why not go big, and I reached out to Beth of Oak & Oats (we are in the same small group in the Network) and asked if she would be willing to join forces with me! She said yes, and we set off running with the idea. So here we are, offering one lucky lady a LIFETIME membership to the Influence Network!

I would not be able to bring this giveaway to you without the help of some amazing bloggers! These ladies all have made this possible so make sure to check them out and show them some love.

Oh, and the lifetime membership includes the following:
10 free classes to take anytime
Open Forums
Weekly Free Resources
Discipleship Groups
Pursuit Groups
One Free Monthly Class
Extra Surprises!!

So this is seriously the way to go, lifetime members receive their money's worth times 1,000 in my opinion! You get so much and the investment is well spent! The giveaway will run for one week, and all entries will be verified so play fair! We will email the winner on how to receive your membership upon the closing of the giveaway! Good luck!