Simple Thoughts on Mornings

There are moments that I am struck with a craving to write. In a moment something captures my attention, and my thoughts begin to run wild in a million directions. I have found that through reading the book 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp, I am beginning to pay attention to the littlest of moments in my day, and often these moments make me want to write.

So here I am, overwhelmed with the beauty of dancing sunlight pouring into our bedroom window, birds chirping outside, reminding of the provision of the Lord, and a puppy curled up on my toes keeping them toasty and warm...and I am in awe.

The Lord has sustained me yet again. He has seen fit for me to rise, to fill my lungs with air, to see my husband off to work...he has given me the gift of another morning. Another precious morning. 

A morning to pour myself some coffee, and breath deep. 

A morning to reflect on the beauty of heavy cream dancing its way gracefully though my morning brew, to have my breath taken away by how the light catches the beads of condensation forming on my glass of water. 

A morning to see the sun rise yet again, to be reminded of the constant unchanging character of our mighty Father. 

A morning to praise him, for he has sustained me. 

The slow of the morning, the refreshing realization that it is a fresh start, revives me yet again. This morning, I am encouraged. Not because I accomplished all I wanted yesterday, nor because I will today, but because I am surrounded by the majesty of Jesus Christ. I see it everywhere in my home. Yes my humble Victorian house, broken into oddly shaped apartments, speaks to the majesty of my Father. 

I see his creativity in the gorgeous grain of the hardwood floors, laid with care, and covered in paint spots never to be removed. 

I see the fruit of hard labor in the countless things my husband has work hard with his hands to create for our home. 

I see the beauty of new growth and life when I look on our porch and see fresh herbs thriving and little baby squash and tomatoes springing up. 

I see the most clearly at the dawn of a new day. I feel as though I am the most inspired first thing in the morning, and am able to see the Lord's beauty and character the most when sitting still in the midst of a new day. So this morning, stop, take a deep breath, and ask the Lord to give you eyes. Eyes to see him, in the smallest of things. You will be amazed at how deeply your affections are stirred when you begin to stand in awe of the Lord in the midst of the mundane everyday moments.

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Meet my sweet friend Madison. This girl was one of my first blog friends, and has become a true best friend to me. She has just started a killer series on how to start a blog, and has the best tips to share on an alternative way of shopping. She has a passion for photography and design, and her husband and pup which is why I think we get along so well! 

What inspires you?
Alright this may sound silly, but Pinterest! There is just so much out there and I love being able to find inspiration from designs or recipes that I wouldn't normally do on my own. I definitely have my own style as far as home decor, clothing, etc., goes but often I'm inspired by something I wouldn't have ever thought of and that usually comes from perusing Pinterest. 

What is in your coffee cup every morning?
A splash of milk and one Splenda! As the years have gone by I've added less and less sugary stuff to my drinks. I don't know that I'll ever drink straight up black coffee but I've definitely learned to love coffee for its natural taste. 

What is one thing you have learned this month?
Grace. I've learned that even though I may fail the Lord extends me grace freely! I've also learned that I'm not the only one failing at certain things, like my prayer life. I've been so encouraged that other ladies struggle in the areas that I struggle and that we are all wanting to grow together!