a little sponsor love

I love my sponsors so much. You all make coming to this blog a joy, and it has been so much fun meeting so many new friends through sponsorships! Meet some of the lovely ladies that have been on my team this month! 


Who is your favorite Disney character? 
I have always loved Belle from Beauty & The Beast. But lately I am a huge Olaf fan. I mean who doesn't love warm hugs?! I made my husband go with me to see Frozen in theaters the day it came out. Best decision ever.

What inspires you most you when it comes to blogging? 
Photos and meeting new people. I am learning more about my camera every day & how to capture that perfect shot. I am loving having my own little space to share all of my photos...whether it's a recipe I tried, a trip we took, home decor, or just snapshots from the week. I also love connecting with other bloggers and getting to know them. This blogging community really is special and fun to be a part of! 

What is in your coffee cup daily? 
I love a little spoonful of sugar and a splash of milk in my daily cup(s) of coffee- I drink at least three cups a day (it's an addiction..the struggle is real). During holiday times, I like to throw in creamer flavors like pumpkin spice or peppermint mocha. I love to taste the holidays! 


Who is your favorite Disney Character?

What inspires you most when it comes to blogging?
Community!  I love engaging with other bloggers and get so inspired to be a better writer and designer by seeing so many other awesome blogs out there!  I think that being a part of a blogging community is one of the most challenging and inspiring things that you can do as a blogger!

What is in your coffee cup daily?
Archer Farms Vanilla Bean Creme Brûlée coffee with a shot of french vanilla creamer


Who is your favorite Disney character?
There is pretty much a dead even tie between Rapunzel from Tangled and Ana from Frozen.  I feel like I identify most with then because I can be totally awkward at times, use humor in most situations, crave adventure, and find joy in the small things.  They rock!

What inspires you the most when it comes to blogging? 
When I started my blog I was fueled by my love of writing and wanting to share the new adventures of married life with our family and friends.  As time went on, I liked being able to write my honest opinions about things, things in life I struggled with, a place to document goals, and just connecting with others.  Blogging has proven to be a great way to connect with other women who have similar thoughts, opinions, and faith, and I am so grateful for that!

What is in your coffee cup daily?
Oh, you know, about two or three cups of coffee.  Hot, cold, lukewarm, I'm not choosey.  Coffee is super delicious and I love to try new ways of enjoying it.  If coffee's not in my mug it's probably because I've recently gotten on quite the tea kick.  I'm loving exploring the new world of tea!

Show these sweet ladies some love today! They all have fantastic blogs, and are wonderful to follow along with! Thank you Anna, Betsy, and Taylor for supporting Oh Simple Thoughts this month!