All Natural, Handmade, Local Soap + Giveaway

Sometime in college I began to fall in love with locally crafted goods. I love the idea of supporting the farmer at your farmer's market, or the stay at home business owner who is a mom, or the single guy/gal just trying to make some modest money in order to be able to do big things for the Kingdom of the Lord. So I am always so eager to share great companies when I find them, and this is no exception. 

Meet Ashwater Soap Co. This soap company is run by two single guys that love Jesus, and love natural, wholesome ingredients that are good for your body. I knew Willie (one of the owners) through mutual friends in college, and can testify to his deep love the Jesus and others knowing Jesus. So when I saw that Willie had begun making soap with a friend, I knew I had to try it out. And I fell in love. 

First, the soap looks so awesome. The branding and packaging makes it so appealing, and the smell...ah that glorious smell when you open your is divine. They are so pretty, almost to the point that I didn't want to use them because I just wanted to stack them on my dresser and look at them...okay not really, but they are pretty soaps. 

I tried the lemon poppy seed and black bar first (which happen to be their best sellers) and loved them. The poppy seeds really act as an exfoliating agent in the soap which is great for my dry summer skin. The best part is that everything that goes into the soap I have heard of, can pronounce, and for the most part, know what it is. The soaps are made with olive oil, palm oil, coconut oil, shea butter, essential oils, and so many other great ingredients that are not just okay for your body...they are GREAT for your body! 

They have 6 different varieties you can choose from, and they are all perfect for girls or guys. None of the scents are overly girly or manly smelling in my opinion. They are perfect for all your people. These soaps would make FANTASTIC gifts by the way! 

I don't know if I will ever go back to normal soap...seriously, I love this stuff that much. 

I asked Willie a few questions about how they got started. Read below to learn more about Ashwater Soap Co. 

What inspired you to begin making soap? Why soap? 

Depending on how it’s told, it can be a long story, but I’ll try to keep it brief. In the fall of 2013, Nick and I spent a lot of time diligently seeking God regarding how to share His gospel with unbelievers. In the process we purposed to not just be hearers but doers. So twice a week, we would get off work and go straight to the Drill Field to engage strangers in conversation about the state of their souls and the salvation offered by God through His Son and His gospel of grace. In the process we started kicking around the idea of starting a business to avail more freedom to do the work of the Lord, and that conversation became more and more serious, but we had no idea what we could sell.

Also, both of us are relatively health-conscious people, from food to exercise to natural care products. Nick apparently had been doing some research on the adverse effects of commercial “soap” (which are many), and we ordered the supplies to make some of our own. In the process of doing lots and lots of research, we both separately had this idea that this might be a viable business to start. After realizing that we were on the same page, one weekend in October, we made our first batch, and it was a success. From there we have developed and refined our own recipe, and the business has prospered as the Lord has seen fit. So to answer the question, “Why soap”, it was really a matter of timing. As our eyes looked to the Lord, He was gracious to us (Psalm 123:2).
What inspires the varieties of soap that you create? 

That’s a tougher question. First of all, we love the process of making new soaps, so there has been no lack of creativity in that area. One initial goal was a wide variety of looks and scents, and we’re still in the process of providing that variety. The genesis of each individual bar varies. A couple of the bars were solely Nick’s idea, and a couple were solely my idea, and when we get together to make them, often we’ll go back and forth about look, scent, exfoliate...until we have a bar that both of us feel comfortable with. Even after that, we’ve made at least 6 other bars that eventually didn't make the cut, so there’s lots of trial and error. The black bar is probably the exception, and it’s become a sort of signature bar for us. Its scent is probably the most unique of all our soaps and that was one we developed together from start to finish. Perhaps that’s a long answer to a simple question, but there it is.

How long does one bar take from beginning to end to make? 

We make our soap in batches of about 40 each. The process of mixing and pouring a batch takes maybe 30 minutes. However, with the natural cold process method that we use, the soap has to cure for at least 4 weeks, so from start to finish, a single bar goes from disparate ingredients to a finished product in about one month.

Where all can Ashwater Soap be found? 

In addition to the online store,, our soaps can be found in numerous stores across the state and one in Memphis.

The Mississippi Gift Company - Greenwood, MS
Babcock Gifts - Memphis, TN
Tin Roof Market - Senatobia, MS
Polks Drugs #4 - Brandon, MS
The Everyday Gourmet - Jackson, MS
Lemanedi - Brookhaven, MS
Sweet Peas - Florence, MS
Tropical Glamour - Petal, MS
Peterson's Art and Antiques - Vicksburg, MS
Wild Magnolias - Leland, MS
McAlister House - Ripley, MS
Down South - Corinth, MS
Heartfelt Traditions - Mendenhall, MS
Kaleidoscopes - Newton, MS

For all you Mississippi readers, Ashwater Soap Co. will be at the Prairie Arts Festival in Westpoint, MS Saturday, August 30th. So be sure and stop by their booth and pick up some soap for you and all your friends!!!

And because I want one of you to try this soap so badly, I am giving away two bars of soap! The winner can choose between the 6 varieties offered! Enter below!  
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