August Goals

Hello Monday, you came too quickly old friend.

Ben and I went on a whirlwind trip Saturday to Little Rock, AR for a family wedding. We drove 5 hours for the wedding, and left after the reception and drove 2 and a half hours to Ben's parents home in MS...and then woke up yesterday morning and drove two more hours back home...whew, it was crazy. We had a blast though exploring downtown Little Rock, and hope to make a trip back sometime when we have more time to explore.

So here we are with another week, and a brand new month! So it is time for some goal setting. Oh goal setting, what a tricky little guy you are. Just being real here, somehow July goals were never set...oops. So here is a recap on the goals I set for June, and my August Goals!

July Goals-
-Finish a book...just one, and no restrictions on which one! Finished 1000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp!! Finally!
-Have a family from church over for dinner We had a couple friend over in June and July!
-Finish all current design orders before Cox Family Beach Trip!
-Crate train Piper She is doing awesome! :)
-Cook 4 more recipes from Bread & this did not happen!
-Take an Influence Network Class
-Blog about my purpose for blogging...coming this week!
-Google Hangout with some blog friends! Madison and I have hungout via Google several times now!
-Have a date night, or two with Ben
-Set new fitness goals with Ben, and meet June's goals...HA! that is all there is to say really.
-Begin gratitude journal (also, a post coming soon about this)

August Goals
-Begin my new part time job (I start tomorrow!!!)
-Finish to do list for my secret project
-Announce my secret project :) sneak peeks coming soon! 
-Read one book
-Celebrate Ben's Birthday! (big 25)
-Crochet 20 headwarmers for Fall sale
-Write 2 handwritten letters
-2 Date Nights with Ben
-2 Social Media Free weekends!

I really do love sharing these updates with you all...mainly because it keeps me so accountable to do what I have said I am going to do! So yay for accountability! 

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Also, bear with me this week as I start my new job. I will be only posting 3 days this week as I try to navigate and create a new schedule. I promise I am not leaving you guys but just trying to adjust to some new exciting changes. Come back Wednesday for the 2nd Bread & Wine Project recipe link up. The question this month to discuss is "How do you make your table a safe place for those that come into your home?" Hope you can join me on Wednesday!