Friday Letters / August 22, 2014.

Dear Benjamin Caleb, This week you played your guitar and sang with me after dinner, for over an hour. We were able to laugh and sing some silly country songs, and also sang some beautiful praises to our Father. I love how talented you are with basically all instruments you touch, and know that the Lord crafted the passion for music into both of our hearts long before we met each other, it makes it so much sweeter now that we have that in common. Also, thanks for listening to me talk 90 to nothing about my big project, you have been such a huge help to me through this whole process, and your listening ear means the world.

Dear Cinnamon Orange Spice Tea, Who knew it was possible to be wowed by tea. I have now had you hot, cold over ice, and in an iced latte are you so delicious and not coffee?! Thank you for tasting like fall, and smelling like Christmas. You make me happy, and also make me feel like an old lady when I am in my pjs at 9:30 with you in one hand and my crocheting in the other...I am okay with that though. 

Dear Self, Always remember that the Lord is bigger than your lists. He is capable of more than you will ever be, and he simply asks that you trust and obey him. Open your eyes to the little moments in your days this weekend, the moments washing dirty dishes at work (or at home), the moment you are so tired you can hardly keep your eyes attention in the "small" moments, the ones that don't seem to mean anything...those are the moments the Lord desires to meet you, and show himself to you...don't miss it. 

Dear Husband (cause this week one letter just is not enough), You make me giggle when you get a new project in your head and set off full speed to tackle it. Last weekend it was the shelves in the laundry room, this weekend it was the old (really really really old) shed in the back. You were precious when you started cleaning it out, and were telling me all the things you could store inside. Thanks for loving to work with your hands, for seeing the beauty and potential in the crummy things, and for saving all the old doors, windows, shutters, and cabinets for me that you discovered. You are the cutest, especially when covered in dirt, and sweat to the point that I can hardly recognize you.