Friday Letters

Dear Ben, yesterday you took the time to hand write me a sweet letter that did more for my heart and soul than I can tell you. You also were okay with eating whatever you could find in the fridge and letting me have an emotional meltdown on your shoulder. Thanks for dealing with my craziness and for always knowing how to speak my love language. Oh, and thanks for always taking Piper out before bed and before the sun wakes up in the morning. I know she loves that time with you, and it sure does make my last few minutes of sleep wonderful.

Dear Biscuit Shop, I love you already. You are making me get out of bed earlier than I have in years, and are threatening to add some major poundage to my waistline if I don't learn some self control really quickly. But for real, you have gotten me out of the house, and the people in and out of your little creaky door every day bring my extroverted personality so much joy. #biscuitloverforlife

Dear Piper, who knew it was possible for me, of all people, to love a puppy as much as I love you. This is a big deal coming from the girl who ran for fear from all animals small and large until I was about 18 years are more cuddly, sweet, obedient, and adorable every day. Thanks for always cuddling with me, and being so still while I take countless pictures of you. 

Dear Mondays, you have become my new Saturday, and I don't hate it. You are now a day I really look forward to. You help me recharge, allow me to sleep in, give me time to play in the kitchen, and you even let me wear my hair down all day long without fear of my wayward strands being caught in a biscuit or are quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. Who knew that could happen!