Sprinkles and Sundays.

The rays of golden sunlight began to pour into our small master bedroom. Colors danced magically on our crisp white French doors, and bounced back and forth on the floor and walls.  I opened my eyes, rolled over and looked at the clock, 7:34...glorious! As I breathed deeply of a new morning I was filled with the realization that it was indeed Sunday. Sunday has truly become our day of rest now that I work most Saturdays and have to be up earlier than the sun.

I was filled with joy as I rolled over and stretched in the cool sheets. Sundays mean slow mornings, and nothing to do since our church meets at 4:00 in the afternoon. I heard the front door open with a slow creak, and then immediately found myself attacked by our little Piper girl. She covered me with little warm licks all over my face and ears as if trying to beckon me out from under the sheets and to begin my day. I felt Ben climb back into bed, we had no where to be and nothing to do, so more time in bed all together was fine with all of us. 

Minutes passed slowly, and eventually we gave into Piper's licks and decided to get out of bed. I walked into the kitchen and began to heat a pot of water for our coffee. I love using our French press on Sundays, it sets the tone for a slow morning. I grabbed our jar of coffee beans, and ground them up to a coarse grainy consistency and poured them into the press. I added the hot water, stirred, and added the plunger. Now to wait. 

I poured us a glass of rich local chocolate milk, heated up some yummy biscuits, and sat down with Ben to enjoy breakfast. We poured our coffee, laughed as Piper sat and stared at us, and began a day of rest. 

This morning awakened deep thankfulness and joy in my heart. Thankfulness for slow moments, magical morning light, and puppy kisses. Joy found in a cup of strong coffee, chocolate milk, and biscuits with sprinkles. This is the Lord's day, and my heart is rejoicing in this new day.