Our weekends have taken on a new look since I have begun working on Saturdays. This has been quite the adjustment, and I am not going to lie, it has been pretty tough at times. But one thing Ben and I are trying really hard to do is to be intentional with the little time we have together on the weekends. This past weekend was awesome, yes I had to work from 6am-3pm...but we had the best time together Saturday and Sunday. Here are some snapshots from our weekend!

ONE. coffee straight from a french press with Ben. Mornings are my favorite, and that has been a big adjustment to leaving before Ben most mornings. So times that we can enjoy slow cups of coffee while cuddling under a blanket are cherished much more these days. 

TWO. date nights in Columbus. Hobby Lobby just had its grand opening in Columbus, which is about 30 miles away, so we drove over and wandered through the store for an hour. We brainstormed projects and crafts, and future home decor...it was so much fun. We also spent some time in a book store, and I just swooned over these cookbooks. The recipes inside were gorgeous, and so simple with great ingredients. Pretty sure I have decided to start collecting cookbooks. 

THREE. starbucks. We just recently got a Starbucks in Starkville, so it is still brand new, and makes Ben and I feel like we are out of town when we step inside to get a treat. It was the perfect way to kick off our date night. 

FOUR. fresh street bread. I love baking homemade bread, and I get giddy every single time I remove the dutch oven lid to such a beautiful sight. Bread is pretty magical don't you think? 

FIVE. notes from a blue bike. This is the book that my Influence Network small group is reading, and I am loving it. It has had me rethinking how fast we live, and what we put in our bodies. Living with more intention, and trying to rid ourselves of the American fast-paced culture is going to be hard, but sweet I believe. 

SIX. piper. Doesn't she look like a little angel? Weekends with a pup are the best, and this little girl is just the cutest. 

How was your weekend? 

It feels good to give grace - love this so much. 
Shortbread Cookies - totally craving these little guys! 
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