Facts + Favorites / Vol. 2

It is time for another installment of Facts + Favorites. This is a way to slow down, share a little about myself and what I am enjoying every week. 

Fact #1- My 24th birthday was yesterday...and it was AWESOME! I woke up to a pumpkin spice latte, and chocolate from my sweet husband. He wrote me a sweet letter and spent some time with me before work...after a weekend in Birmingham and a perfect day yesterday I would say that 24 is going to be a good year!

Fact #2- I collect cookbooks. I have fallen in love with cooking this last year, like head over heels in love. So I have begun collecting cookbooks, books with stories about food, and the like. I want to be the best home cook I can be and learn to use seasonal ingredients to feed my family well. After all, homemade caramel sauce and freshly baked bread is more fun to make yourself than just buy at the store anyways! 

Fact #3- I watch Food Network like it is my job. I attribute this one partially to number 2. I love learning from other chefs and home cooks. I have discovered so many things from watching Food Network, and I really feel like it has given me a confidence in the kitchen I did not have before. Don't hate. 


1. Cookbooks!!! Some of my most wanted right now are How to Cook Everything, An Everlasting Meal, and, My Paris Kitchen. I could cry looking at each of these pretty books. So much information and so many new recipes to learn and try! 

2.   The Internet Can't Love You- this post resonated so deeply with me. I am sure many of you can relate to this reality and the struggle of balancing real life with internet life. 

3. Crochet! Now that it seems that fall is right around the corner I have been so much more motivated to get my hooks and yarn out! Excited to try all these lovely new patterns below in the weeks ahead!