Friday Letters / 8.12.14

Dear Benjamin Caleb, one of the many qualities that I love about you is your handiness. You love to take on new projects like giant homemade chalkboards, wood burned cutting boards, and everything in between. I am pretty sure there is no project you cannot accomplish! Also, today we are going to Birmingham because you are the best and got me tickets to NEEDTOBREATHE tonight...Thanks for putting up with my constant giddiness and my ever growing trip itinerary! Best husband of the year award for sure.

Dear Birmingham, today we are reunited at last old pal. You have been my favorite city since our summer together in college. I cannot wait to wander around your quaint little streets, eat some awesome food, and make sweet memories with my love. Here is to a weekend of local eating, hipster coffee shops, and being in a city with a Target AND an Anthropologie!! 

Dear Sinus Infection, I mean what did I ever do to you?! Why did you decide to come knocking on my eyes, ears and throat at a time like this? Did you not get the memo that it is my birthday weekend and I am headed out of town for the first time since July. Rude. If you could just pack up and head on out that would be super fab. Like for real. 

Dear September 10/11th, most everyone remembers 9/11 as the day that the world trade centers were hit...while I do remember exactly where I was on this day I find that on the 10th and 11th of every September since 2007 I relive the day my life changed forever. I miss my dad, and struggle to remember small things like his voice and his laugh now 7 years later, but I rest in the comfort of my Heavenly Father in the midst of my heavy heart. He is always good. (read my story here).