Friday Letters / 9.19/14

Dear Ben, How did I get so lucky?! Yesterday I walked in from work and all the dishes were washed, you had cold coffee waiting for my afternoon iced coffee fix, and the bed was made. You are such a blessing to me. For real. Also, thanks for always making up raps, songs, and jingles with me. Our impromptu songwriting could win us an award somewhere I believe.

Dear Beka, you sent me some of the most delicious sounding authentic Indian recipes last week after my rambling post of how I had fallen in love with curry. You even offered to send some of your Indian spices my hello, you are the reason why blog friends are the best friends! Thank you! 

Dear Crochet, welcome back old pal. For awhile our relationship was on the rocks, and not to bring up old baggage but I blame you for that because of how you hurt my hands and fingers...but the past is behind us. We are turning over a new leaf and trying to improve our relationship yet again. I am excited to try new patterns, and techniques with you! Here is to fall and crocheting all the things!!

Dear Piper, you have received countless spankings for chewing all my socks, pieces of plastic and my yarn...when shall you learn little one? However, despite your occasional disobedience you are still the cutest little ball of fluff I ever did see. Thanks for always giving me little licks right when you wake up, and for making me feel famous when I leave the house to take the garbage to the street and come seem to think I have been gone for ages, but I don't mind. Best. Pup. Ever.