Friday Letters / 9.8.14

Dear Benjamin Caleb, this week we have had something to do every night. You have had late nights, early mornings, and a sore body due to workouts...but you still manage to be the one tickling my back at night and giving me pep talks throughout my work days, you are amazing. Thanks for being my biggest encourager, cheerleader, and my best friend. We may not have a lot of things about marriage figured out but I would not want to learn alongside anyone else but you.

Dear Notes From a Blue Bike, you have caused me to bring into question so many things in our life. From the way we spend our evenings to what we put into our bodies I have been thinking long and hard about how intentional living can be applied to all areas of life. You are pushing me to set more time aside for lots of things, which can be hard to do...but I have a feeling in the long run this will be so worth it. 

Dear Sourdough Starter, you are like magic. How in the world do you make something so beautiful like light, airy, buttery bread?! I mean for real, you smell like what I would imagine moonshine would smell like, and you look like 3 month old clumpy milk...magical you are. Keep up the work little friend. I promise I will not forget to feed you as long as you keep making yummy bread for me every week. 

Dear Natalie, thank you for creating space for me to be 100% myself at your house and getting me on so many levels. Also, thanks for introducing me to possibly the best meal of my life last night...curry, cilantro, coconut milk, cumin, soy sauce...all on char-grilled chicken...with coconut rice, and apple pie for was euphoric. So thankful to be friends with a fellow foodie. Thanks for welcoming Ben and I into y'all's home, and letting me come and be with you and the kids every week.