Heart Talk from Nina of Flowers in my Hair

I am so excited to introduce you all to my Coffee Shop Sponsor this month, Nina of Flowers in my Hair! She is a beautiful writer and shares from her heart about Jesus and her relationship with him which fills my heart with joy. Enjoy her post below and make sure and show her some love! 

I'm Nina over at Flowers in my Hair where I write about all sorts of things which I'll just summarize by saying I write about the beauty in adventures and the beauty in mistakes and the intentionality of it all. I want to share with the readers of Oh, Simple Thoughts what I've been learning but first just for the sake of it, here is a photograph of me with flowers in my hair. Because that seems kind of important in light of my blog name.ninaflowersNow that we've gotten that out of the way, let me just be real with you. It's the only way I know how to be. Once upon a time, after I started really walking with the Lord I tried to copy others. They were so nice and so sweet and so well meaning. I wanted to be like them. But the thing is, I'm not. Sometimes I am too loud and I can be too sarcastic and my version of keeping it real isn't always everyone's cup of tea. Here is me keeping it real though: you know those things we know–that God is good, that God is sovereign, that God loves us and created us for a purpose? I believe those things in my head. I do. I believe them as surely and as certainly as I believe that there is red nail polish on my toes at this exact moment. It's just reality.

As for my heart? I think I believe them there too. Or I thought I did. Now, I am a bit confused.

Recently, I was doing a She Reads Truth Study on Hosea. And on one of the early days, the beautiful journal prompted me with this question: do you believe God's love for you is relentless? 

Well. Do you?


Yeah, I believe it. But I think the most important question is not just one of the heart but of reality. Do you, Nina, live in the reality of the belief that God's love for you is relentless? Do you live as if God's love for you is relentless?

Guys, I am not ashamed to say that the answer is no. I'm not ashamed because shame is not from God and God is obviously revealing something in my heart. Knowing and believing are one thing. But living in the reality of those things we believe? That's a whole different kind of life. It's one I yearn for. The only way I know how to get it is to ask for it and I am certain this is exactly the kind of prayer that God loves to answer.

And then there is that word, relentless. It makes me think of rapids, how they rush over rock and cut it away, relentlessly, never dribbling dry. That is some powerful type of love.IMG_8738

Life is messy for me right now. Two years ago I moved from where I was born and bred (the Chicagoland area) to San Francisco and it was the greatest adventure. Now I am back in Chicago. And again, it's another adventure. But can I be honest with you again? Adventures are messy. Adventures are complicated. I'm a perfectionist (I was in denial about this for a long time but it true) and there is such ego in being a perfectionist (ya gotta get over yourself). You have to let that go during an adventure because they aren't perfect. They are often messy. And it's there God meets us, in the mess, because His love is the relentless sort that will find and follow us anywhere.

Now, let's live and adventure in that truth. Stop by and see me. I'd love to have you! I'll also throw in a discount code off any sponsorships of 20% off with the word: relentless.

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