September Goals

It is my birthday month! Whoo!! YAY! So here is to a month full of exciting memories, visits with family, and mine and Ben's first concert together!

August goals went really well, there were a few incomplete so they will carry over to this month! August was just one of those months y'all. I felt really overwhelmed the majority of the month, and now that it is a new month and we are wrapping up one season and heading into another I am motivated and ready to start fresh. Here we go!

August Goals
-Begin my new part time job (I start tomorrow!!!)
-Finish to do list for my secret project - not done, mainly because I have had to do more research, planning and designing...but it is coming!
-Announce my secret project :) sneak peeks coming soon!- again, coming soon you guys, and it is going to really be so great, I am pouring myself into this and cannot wait to share with you all!
-Read one book - almost finished with Notes from a Blue Bike by Tsh Oxenreider
-Celebrate Ben's Birthday! (big 25)
-Crochet 20 headwarmers for Fall sale - does it count to do half? Haha...crochet has been a struggle due to my lack of free time, but I am working on it! 
-Write 2 handwritten letters - this just didn't happen
-2 Date Nights with Ben
-2 Social Media Free weekends! - it was glorious! I think these have become a staple part of my life now, it seriously is so freeing to unplug. 

-Finish to do list for my secret project!
-Announce the project!!
-Celebrate my birthday in Birmingham!
-Go to concert (needtobreathe) with Ben
-Read one book
-Write 2 handwritten letters
-Make 1 recipe from my foodie bucketlist
-2 Social Media free weekends!!
-Reschedule Crochet Instagram Sale
-Prepare and plan for Renew Retreat!

What goals are you setting for this month? Let's hold each other accountable!