Weekend Recap

Weekends are such a beautiful thing to me, and I am sure that most of you hold the same sentiments. Friday though Sunday is a time of rest and refreshment for my soul. I love that the Lord established patterns of rest in our lives like weekends, holidays, and the change of seasons. He new that we needed rest, and often time we (I am talking to myself here) will not take rest seriously unless we are at rock bottom or are forced to stop. So...all that to say I am deeply thankful for the weekend, and this one was no exception.

Ben and I went on a little Starbucks date Friday night to just spend time with one another. Life has become so busy for us during this season of grad school, part time jobs, and being knee deep in a new church plant. I have found it is very easy for us to do what I call "co-existing". We just walk through our days, talk about what happened, work on stuff around the house (or stare at the TV) and then hit the bed wearily before rising again and starting the cycle over. Sometimes this happens and we find ourselves having to fight to really see each other. So this weekend we stepped away, left Piper at home and went on a coffee date. 

We reminisced about the very first conversation we ever had, and how it was over coffee (and lasted 5-6 hours, and we were kicked out of the coffee shop as they closed and had to relocate our conversation). We walked around MSU's campus and snuck into one of our favorite buildings that has recently been renovated. It was a great night. 

Saturday I had to work of course, but came home to a family nap sesh, and lots of time on the couch with my pup and my husband. I was able to scroll through Pinterest guilt free and enjoy simply being still which was wonderful. 

My boss sent us all home with big bags of apples that needed to be used. We make a caramel apple biscuit at the shop but the apples wont be good through the next week so she gave them all to us. YAY! So last night I made apple pie biscuits from the Baking Bootcamp Challenge by Joy the Baker. They were pretty good, and I have plans to make apple pie or crisp, apple cider, and maybe even some apple sauce with these bad boys!

Oh, and I almost forgot...I AM ATTENDING THE INFLUENCE CONFERENCE NEXT YEAR! Can you tell I am a tad bit excited? The tickets went on an early bird sale yesterday and the sale ends tonight at midnight. I simply cannot wait to attend this amazing conference. (It will be on my 25th birthday weekend!!!) YAY! Anyone else going to be there next year for sure?

How was your weekend friend?