31 Days of Writing / Little Moments in the Kitchen & Marriage

So who says posting twice in one day is not allowed? Well today I am breaking that unspoken rule. Yes I am. I have seen the Nester's 31 days of writing challenge floating around blogland...and honestly I just kept on scrolling. I would think, this is for other bloggers, not me...this is for people maybe in an inspirational rut...but can I be honest with you guys?

I was just way too scared to attempt such a challenge. It is hard to post everyday. My life is more crazy than ever, and WHAT IF I CAN'T DO IT?! 

But I really felt the Lord urging me to do this challenge. I think mainly because he is teaching me a lot about gratitude, and trust and so many other things right now. And most of these lessons are stemming from two areas in my life...my time in the kitchen and my time with my husband. 

So I am going to take the next 31 days to write and explore these lessons in my kitchen and marriage. I plan to share recipes, tips, and mainly a lot of lessons the Lord is teaching me. You can expect some short stories, and a whole lot of honesty.

Stay tuned in the days ahead and help keep me accountable! :) Your encouragement and friendships are what always bring me back to this blog time and time again!