Community Brew / Vol. 5 - a peek into our living room (video)

I am really excited about this post today. I have actually been really struggling on what to write for this month's community brew. I have been so overwhelmed in so many areas of life lately, that I could write about a lot of things. But I want more than anything for this to be a space of positivity and encouragement for you, as well as vulnerability for me...and that is a balance. 

I am grateful to be joining with


for another round of Community Brew, and am thankful for all of you that will be linking up with us! :) Rules are simple, and listed below. Most importantly we want to create space for honesty and encouragement! 

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Many of you many not know this but Ben and I both LOVE music. I have grown up singing my entire life, from being Maria in the Sound of Music in high school to leading worship at our church. Ben also grew up in a musical home and plays the piano, guitar, and banjo. Music was a huge part of our relationship early on, and we spent evenings in our Campus chapel regularly huddled around the piano singing together. 

So for this Community Brew I wanted to take you into our living room. We sing together often and really enjoy relaxing together as Ben plays hymns and we sing together. This particular song spoke soo deeply to me last week at our church meeting. I knew I had to share it. It is rich with meaning, and resonates so deeply with me. 

Poor sinner, dejected with fear, 

Unbosom thy mind to the Lamb;

No wrath on His brow He does wear,

Nor will He poor mourners condemn;

His arm of omnipotent grace

Is able and willing to save;

A sweet and a permanent peace

He’ll freely and faithfully give.

Come just as thou art, with thy woe,

Fall down at the feet of the Lamb;

He will not, He cannot say, “Go”,

But surely will take out thy stain

A fountain is opened for sin,

And thousands its virtues have proved

He’ll take thee, and plunge thee therein,

And wash thee from filth in His blood.

The soul that on Jesus relies,

He’ll never, no never deceive;

He freely and faithfully gives

More blessings than we can conceive;

Yea, down to old age He will keep,

Nor will He forsake us at last;

He knows and is known by His sheep;

They’re His, and He will hold them fast.

I am moved by songs so often, and find the Lord speaks so clearly to me through the words of songs and hymns. This was a new song at church and I found myself really focusing on the words because of it being so new.  

The line that says, "

No wrath on his brow He does wear"...

wow, so much freedom in that line. The Lord doesn't look down wagging his finger at us. Our righteousness as his children is secure, we can do nothing to add to it or take it away, and there is such relief in that reality for me. 

Also, the fact that the song talks about how the Lord will not, cannot, turn us away when we approach him with our woes. Relief number 2. The Lord loves to carry our burdens, and guys, these past few months I have been carrying SO MANY burdens. To know I can dump these out and the Father will receive me, and know me, and see me, and comfort me...ah, it is like fresh, cold water on a hot day. This truth is so soothing to my weary and beaten down soul. 

I hope you enjoy "hanging out" in our living room with us. We are not professionals, and we have a camera that likes to cut off before the 3rd verse, and a puppy that feels the need to move every 5 seconds, but we love singing about Jesus and pray this song brings joy to you today!

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