Foodie Favorites // Sister, Sister Edition

Foodie Favorites is quickly becoming one of my favorite blog series to date here at Oh Simple Thoughts. I just love putting it together every week as it is never a is just a whole lot of fun. This series has helped me think outside of the box when it comes to meals I prepare every week, as well as allowed me spotlight some of my favorite blogging gals! However, today my little sister is jumping in on the action! YAY!

I do not often share my family members with you all here on this blog. Simply because I feel that they deserve their own privacy, and they have their own stories to be told in their own ways...but I love my fam jam. My little sister Taylor and I have been close since the days we shared a bunk bed in a little room with four different brightly colored walls. We became even closer when we began riding to school together just us two when I turned 16. Our sisterhood became an even deeper friendship when we cheered on the Varsity Cheer Squad together, and as we supported and loved one another after my dad's death in 2007. Taylor Faith is one of my best friends...and one thing we both LOVE is food. 

I think this comes from my other family members. Never, ever, ever will you step a foot into my home in Georgia at a time that my mom doesn't have a quick dip ready for serving alongside crackers or chips. We love to grill out, and we do it big in my family. My sister always loved to be in the kitchen a lot more than me so up until recently she was always the one with more "kitchen experience". Nonetheless she is a fellow foodie, and a college gal trying to make budget friendly meals for herself and all her sorority sisters! So meet my sweet sissy Taylor! 

Hey everyone! My name is Taylor Reynolds, and I am Rachel's little sister. I am so excited that she asked me to share with you today! In the Reynolds household food have always been very important. Rachel and I both grew up being taught that the way to almost everyone's heart is through a good meal! Between our mom and grandmother we both came to love being in the kitchen and preparing food for the people we love! So I hope you love my recipes I picked out as much as I do!!

1. Pull Apart Pizza Bread- I really like this recipe because it is easy and would be something that at all my friends as college students would LOVE! And I am always trying to find fun new recipes like this for game days and movie nights that everyone will love!! 

2. Taco Stuffed Zucchini Boats- I really really like this recipe because I am a huge fan of zucchini and why not put them both together?! Right? :) I have had lots of my friends do similar recipes to this one and I have loved them all. I have always wanted to put my own twist on it! 

3. White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodles-  I want to try these because of course it's fall and I love cookies and baking! This makes me so excited for colder weather and the leaves changing color!!

1. Chipolte Chicken and Corn Chowder- Hello, perfect fall soup! I love a little spice, and corn chowder is so perfect for a cozy night in. This is a must make on my meal planning schedule! I cannot wait to try it and report back! 

2. Amaretto Cream Cheese Coffee Cake- I love, love, love coffee cake and this one sounds simply divine. It also sounds a little naughty with the amaretto and cream, creamy goodness I say! Must make as soon as possible. 

3. Baked Goat Cheese- Like I said above, I grew up in a chip and dip family. I just thought it was totally normal to expect a homemade dip and chips every time I go over to someone's house. So this dip sounds wonderful and just fancy enough to be served at a nice dinner party. 

Thanks for tuning in for our little sister edition of foodie favorites! Stop in next week and join myself and Jenna of Dearest Love!! What are your favorite recipes?