Friday Letters / 10.2.14

Dear Benjamin Caleb, Thanks for declaring last night a date night. Tacos, monopoly, apple cider, and thunderstorms make for cozy evenings. Oh...and just FYI, I plan to forever lay claim on Boardwalk...and Park tuck that away, they are mine!

Dear 31 Days of Writing, You are still so intimidating to me...I am still so fearful that I cannot follow through with you. I spent all afternoon yesterday planning and brainstorming my editorial schedule just for you. I will say, the kitchen is my favorite spot and something I am so passionate about. So topics seem to be flowing very freely. I am eager to share so many lessons I am learning from my time in the kitchen as well as lots of perfect Autumn recipes! 

Dear Self, Breathe. You have been spinning in circles lately...mainly because you are trusting so deeply in your own will power and ability to tackles tasks. REST in the spirit. Seek refuge in the one who has accomplished everything for you. REST in the fact that He is not mad or disappointed with you when clothes lay unfolded and emails go another day unanswered...he is forever satisfied with you as his child because you are redeemed by the cross and the work that He did for you there...just REST! 

Dear Kitchen, You used to be a hallway in a past life, or before your were restructured to be an apartment. You are narrow, and lacking in space...but I love you. I love your gas stove, and chandelier lighting. I love how I have grown so much as a home cook will spending time within your is to 31 days dedicated to you, and all that I have learned from you old friend! 

I am planning on focusing my attention on three areas during this writing challenge. 

Tips/Tricks- These will range from cookbook recommendations, to grocery shopping tips, and even to my most used kitchen tools!

Recipes- These will all be fall friendly recipes that are homemade and have some kind of sentimental value tied to them for me. From apple cider to biscotti you will have some great recipes to try out this month! 

Lessons- These are short stories or posts dedicated to learning moments I have had in the kitchen. I will be sharing about the battle to instagram all the pretty things, and none of the mistakes. I will also be sharing about things like true hospitality, contentment, gratitude, and thanksgiving. 

So stay tuned for this exciting month, and help push me. I need you guys to hold me accountable with this. I know I will be tempted to slack off so please help me stick with this! You are all so awesome!