Messy Kitchens + Discount Code

Good morning friends! I hope each and every one of you are having such a wonderful Monday morning. This is my "day off" which really just means I can wake up with the sun rather that before and focus all my work time on house stuff, blog designs, and my Etsy shop orders. So Mondays are still "work days" for me but so relaxed!

This past weekend was a funky one. I baked all weekend at The Biscuit Shop because my boss went out of town. She normally does all the baking so it was kinda a stressful weekend but so much fun. I love my job and am so grateful that not only did the Lord provide a way for me to help our family financially, but He gave me a job that falls so much in line with my passion for food and the kitchen. 

Ben's family also came in town and hung out most of the day Saturday which was fun. While I was so wiped out from work, it was nice to have people in the house and enjoying watching football together. I fell asleep on the couch with our pup and it was just a great day of recharging and resting. We were able to see some dear college friends over breakfast Sunday morning. These two guys live in Texas now so we don't get to see either of them much anymore, but they were in our wedding and Ben's fraternity brothers and great friends so it was nice to spend time with them over food and coffee. I made buttermilk biscuits, and sausage and cheddar biscuits, which was fun to make at home for the first time. 

Funny story though, I am so used to making 96-100 biscuits at once that we ended up with wayy more biscuits than the 4 of us could eat. So I sent bags of biscuits home with the guys and we have biscuits to munch on for breakfast for the rest of the week! Score!! 

I also was able to spend a good bit of time yesterday just pouring myself out creatively in Photoshop and Illustrator. I have had such a specific vision for my Etsy shop, and I wanted to create some prints that coincide with my overall vision for the shop. I spent some time designing a few prints that I wanted to share with you all today! 

I love the relief that comes from creating a total mess in the kitchen. I hate for the kitchen to stay messy...don't get me wrong, I am a clean person!! PROMISE! But it feels so good to dig my hands deep into flour, or cut veggies and throw them into hot pans without care about some dropping or getting on my clothes. Messes create memories. And messy kitchens are always rich with laughter, and joy, and memories!! I am all about creating products that provide visual reminders of deep and meaningful SLOW DOWN, unwind...let go, and make a mess every once and while. 

This song by Sovereign Grace Music always brings me to tears. Music moves me so much, and often speaks to me in such powerful ways. But this song, man y'all...the Lord is so good to love us despite our sin. It truly is a mystery why He chose us...why he wanted a people that left to their own devices would reject Him...he extends grace and love to us, and it is an AMAZING MYSTERY!! 

This final print is so special to me. This is one of my favorite old hymns, and was sung at our wedding by my brother and sister! I love the progression through each verse and the way the Lord is celebrated in it all. It is easy for us to dismiss the love of the Lord by elevating our own "goodness"...but we are all wicked and undeserving of what the Lord has richly poured out on us, and so this love should push us to awe and worship! 

All of these prints can be purchased in the Etsy shop started at $8. They come in 2 sizes, and I can even customize the colors for you to match your style and home more perfectly. AND today only I will have a sale on these prints, use code OHSIMPLEJOYS10 for 10% off all the prints! I pray these bring you encouragement and life and truth to the walls of your home!