My Favorite Cookbooks

I said yesterday that I would be sharing about hospitality...that post is coming soon, but due to time, and life I decided to write about my favorite cookbooks today! Since I have become more confident in the kitchen I have LOVED pouring over recipes. It helps inspire me, and I love reading new recipes that I could try to make in our home.

So today I am going to highlight a few of my favorite cookbooks (trying to narrow it down was hard).

1. Smitten Kitchen - I love this cookbooks so so much. I just recently purchased it, and already have made brioche pretzels, butternut squash gallette, and and gnocchi in tomato broth just to name a few. Each recipe is accompanied with stories which bring such life and meaning to the food in the book. Such a great cookbook, and it is written by a home cook, so it is not complicated or confusing! Score!!

2. Bread & Wine - Need I say more? Just comb through my archives to hear my rave all about this book. It began the passion that I have for the kitchen now...and I even have a link up dedicated to the concepts from this book! Speaking of the Bread & Wine Project, join me tomorrow for the link up, and come see my recipe for homemade Greek yogurt! 

3. Bountiful - This is the prettiest cookbook I own. A lot of the recipes will be more practical with we have garden one day...but I have loved some of the simple recipes inside using whole ingredients! 

What are your favorite cookbooks? 

Don't forget to link up tomorrow for the Bread & Wine Project!! Tomorrow's topic is How do you balance between convenience and pursuing slowing down in the kitchen? Hope to see you there with your recipes!