Deck the Halls Fever + Advent Giveaway!!

Christmas is my all time favorite holiday! I love the season of celebrating the son of God entering the world, and I love all that comes with it. I truly believe the festivities of Christmas can be something pleasing to our Lord! Our Heavenly Father is a festive being. He calls the Israelites in the Old Testament to observe festivals on a regular basis and he institutes feasts and banquets to be pictures of the Wedding Feast of the Lamb at the end of time. I love that we can rejoice and be a picture of such a glorious day that is coming to those around us!

So all that to say...Christmas is my thang. For real. Just ask my poor husband who has already had to put up with me begging to begin decorating our little home for my beloved holiday now. The rule is not until after Thanksgiving...but I just cannot help it. I want to decorate everything soooo badly! But alas, I am waiting per request of my husband until at least the week of Thanksgiving! 

As a newlywed last Christmas everything was fresh and exciting. Ben and I were experiencing everything together as husband and wife for the very first time and it was so fun. We did everything ourselves. 90% of our decorations were made by yours truly...including all our Christmas ornaments. We were broke, and simply did not have money for tons of decorations...our Christmas tree was even part of our gifts to each other last year! HA! 

So I LOVE making things myself. This usually applies mainly to what I make in the kitchen, but every now and then I branch out and get crafty when necessity calls. So today I wanted to share some fun DIY projects I found that I love for this Holiday season! 

I tend to really find myself drawn to rustic and woodsy materials for Christmas decor. So these all seemed so fun and unique! I am hoping to make at least one if not all of these this year, and I am starting early so that even if I cannot decorate I can at least MAKE decorations before Thanksgiving! :)

More importantly than all the decor is remembering what Christmas is all about...and to many this is called Advent. This is a time leading up to Christmas to remember who Christ is and how he came. It really helps to prepare our hearts for the season, as well as keep our minds focused on who Jesus the Son of God is and why his coming is so important for us who call ourselves his children! 

So, to kick off this week & the upcoming holiday season I am participating in a giveaway with Jenni from Frankly My Dear & friends to make this season mean something.

Advent is a special time of year & it begins in three short weeks. To celebrate we are giving away one Naptime Diaries Advent Devotional + Calendar. The devotion is a 25 day interactive workbook that walks through hope, love, joy, peace, & purity leading up to the Christmas holiday. In addition, the calendar prints that accompany the devotion will bring cheer ANY time of year.

Good luck & have a great week!

Also, don't forget! Tomorrow is the Bread & Wine Project Link Up! Link up any recipe and share your thoughts on "How do you approach the Holidays and Hospitality?" Hope to see you there!