Friday Letters / 11.7.14

Dear Benjamin Caleb, you have been my rock these past few months. You have rubbed my feet, tickled my back at night, prayed with me and for me, listened to me complain/cry/stress, encouraged me in all my new ventures, and loved me so well. You have washed countless dishes, and come to bed with me as early as 8 o clock so that we can get on the same sleeping schedule and go to bed together. This has been a season of fatigue and weariness for us both in our marriage, and yet you have still loved me and cherished me so well...I wouldn't want anyone else to be mine forever.

Dear Christmas, WHERE ARE YOU?! I am already eagerly awaiting your arrival friend. I have planned out where all of my new decorations will go, and cannot wait to usher you into our home once again. You bring so many loved ones together at once, and you allow me the excuse to leave twinkling lights on 24/7 and drinking copious amounts of hot cocoa. Come on back in my life old friend. 

Dear Oh Simple Joys, Isn't it ironic how a shop started with the intentions of reminding others o slow down can prevent me from doing just that?! Crazy. The Lord has big plans for this shop, and He is blowing my mind as I follow Him with my plans and decisions for products and the shop as a whole. However, Satan loves to hit me at my weaknesses and is using you to cause me to tailspin into panic mode sometimes...praying against this! 

Dear Siblings, You guys are on your way to stay with Ben and I this weekend (by yourselves, without parents) and we could not be more stoked. I cannot believe we are old enough for y'all to drive from Georgia alone to come visit. Cannot wait for y'all to finally meet Piper, see the #1 school in the nation play some football, and eat some yummy biscuits. Three musketeers reunited at last! 

Dear Blog, I miss the days when I had 30+ hours to invest in you and all that comes with you dear one. I still love you and the community you bring to my life. However, as sad as it makes me, I am seeing that you are one thing I am needing to step back from somewhat. Don't worry, I am not breaking up with you or anything...promise. Just cutting back. 3 days a week instead of 5, more personal posts, and lots more food posts which bring my heart the greatest joy. You should enrich my life, not suck the life from I am setting some boundaries buddy. It is for both of our well being! ;) 

Dear Brussel Sprouts, I will admit, I have talked quite bad about you behind your back. Like, really really hateful words have been said about you. But, when you are paired with bacon, maple syrup, and garlic...sauteed until brown and soft...oh. my. goodness. gracious. I take back all those backstabbing words. Can we besties forever and ever?!