November Goals + Fresh Starts

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Happy Monday friends! Mondays are my "rest days", and I have grown to love them and look forward to them with great anticipation. I have mentioned this off and on lately here on the blog but our life has been crazy to a level neither Ben nor myself have experienced thus far in life. We are busy, worn down, stretched thin, and overwhelmed almost daily. These have been such hard emotions for me to navigate, and to be honest they have created so much guilt in my life. Whether that is blogger guilt for not being able to post and keep up with things like I once could when I had 30 more free hours a week, or guilt due to not being able to keep up with things at home like cleaning or maintaining our home. 

However, I read something on Instagram yesterday that has affirmed a work the Lord has been doing in mine and Ben's heart this past week. It was a


by a sweet blog friend, Valerie of

Vallarina Creative

. These were her words, "

I'm tired of the word overwhelmed. I am tired of using it as an excuse and a crutch. I'm tired  of having poor time management, giving into distractions, saying yes when I should say no, being frivolous with my money and then throwing out, "I'm sorry, I'm just so overwhelmed." instead of facing the consequences..."

Valerie continued to speak about how she is committing to diligence and discipline to see this cycle ended. 

Friends, this resonated so deeply within me. I teared up, and verbally said AMEN to this post! This has been my life. I have gotten new schedule, after new schedule (which is so exciting!) with my new job, and have used that as a crutch for too long. I deeply desire to find myself in a place of thriving yet again, and in a place that I can love and serve others well. So I am starting fresh this November. I am committing to working hard, and spending time with people even when I am tired and overwhelmed. I am committing to being diligent with this blog, and blog friends, as well as my Etsy shop. I am committing to rest in the Spirit, and not my flesh or negative attitude. 

So here are some goals I am setting this month, for accountability's sake! 


1. Set a schedule with my new work schedule to make time for blog design, house chores, blog work, and Etsy shop orders. 

2. Create a new financial spreadsheet (or have Ben do it and help me learn to use it) for design, blog, and Etsy money flowing in and out. 

3. Take pictures of mugs and tote bags once I receive them. 

4. Have 2 social media free weekends. 

5. Go home to Georgia and create a weekend bucketlist of Fall things to do while there. 

6. Make 1 recipe from my foodie bucketlist. 

7. Finish reading

The Best Yes. 

8. Begin Christmas shopping and planning for handmade gifts. 

9. Get Christmas card pictures taken. 

10. Have people over for dinner once or twice every week! 

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What goals are you setting for this new month? How can I be praying for you this month? 

Also!!! Big huge congrats to our Influence Conference winners Lindsey C and Chelsey J!!! We have sent you both emails and are so excited to meet you and hug you come next September!!