About Me

Hello there!! Welcome to my little corner of cyber world! I am a Georgia girl turned Mississippi girl after getting my degree in Communication from Mississippi State University. I came 6 hours away from home to start fresh at a big university in a place where I knew no one. I went through college, met some of my best friends, and fell in love with this city and university, oh and I met a boy. I met my husband here at MSU randomly at a Greek worship service (it is a really cool story of the Lord's provision, I will be sharing more sometime in the future). We dated for about 4 months, were engaged for 9 months (read story here) and then married May 25, 2013 (see more herehere, or here). Oh, and one of my favorite things>>> Check out our wedding video here. 

I am so lucky to be newly married to the most brilliant, handsome, selfless, God-fearing man I know, Benjamin Caleb. We live in an old Victorian home that has been split into small apartments in downtown Starkville, MS. We love being outside (Ben probably a little more than me), reading Chronicles of Narnia, cooking together in our tiny kitchen, building furniture together, and going on walks around town. Ben is Mr. Adventurer and I am much more cautious, together we make a great team. From camping, to road trips, and spontaneous date nights, there is never a dull moment. 

Ben is currently in grad school here at Mississippi State. He is working on his PhD in Civil Engineering. I am serving on staff with a local church, Redeemer Church of Starkville, as a part of their college outreach team and childcare assistant. Redeemer hopes to raise up a generation of college students that are leaders equipped to be sent out and ready to train other leaders. I disciple girls one on one and in small group settings in order to share the Scriptures, and train college girls how to discern truth for themselves, and how to effectively share with others about their faith. It is a dream job that brings me true joy and fulfillment which pushing me constantly to grow and understand more about what it means to be a child of God and a believer.  

We desire nothing more than for others to see Christ in us and that is only done through the Holy Spirit. We believe our purpose in being placed on this earth is not for our own joy, success, and accomplishments but for the Lord's glory. My husband, Ben and I (mainly I haha) blog in order to share our life (our ministry, spiritual thoughts/growth, craft projects, recipe successes/failures...) with anyone and everyone in hopes of bringing some joy to you through the simpler things and a lifestyle based on forgiveness, grace, and love. This is a lifestyle blog focused on faith, family, DIY, food, with a little bit of handmade love thrown in! We hope you leave this blog refreshed in your soul, in awe of a mighty God, and challenged to live on purpose for the Gospel and the furthering of the Lord's kingdom.