5 on friday

Friday Letters + 5 on Friday!

Dear Benjamin, you kept me rolling laughing until midnight with your snake stories from your childhood. It was so much fun, however, we overslept this morning because of that and you are now late for work...oops? :) I am so proud of all your hard work, I know this next week is going to be hard and tiring for you with your preliminary exam, but I am praying that this time will teach us both better trust in the Holy Spirit to carry us. Thanks for putting up with me when I fall asleep by the fire on the floor and turn into a bear when you try to wake me up. You are the best.

To women's gathering, you are a night I have grown to look forward to every month more and more. You push me to be more vulnerable than I ever have been with women of all ages in our church. You are the sweetest time of fellowship and community. 

To my bloggy friends, you guys are all incredible and I am so blessed to know you! I have loved investing more time these past few weeks into this little corner of the cyber world and building relationships with people all around the globe. The Internet can be used for good and I think that is just the coolest. 



Short and sweet letters today because I am tag teaming this post with the ever popular 5 on Friday link up. So here are 5 things going on in my neck of the woods. (Al Roker may or may not be on my TV right now haha).

1. My Oh Sweet Joy! wire headband should be arriving at my doorstep today. I have drooled over these lovelies for the longest time so when Kim had a flash sale last week I jumped on finally placing an order. I am super excited to get mine today!

Image Source: Oh Sweet Joy!

 2. Yarn delivery came this week! We live in a relatively small town in Mississippi so Walmart is our only option on craft supplies...so I usually order my yarn from Joann's online. Look at all these pretty colors. Lots of crochet head-warmers will be made in the next couple of weeks! 

3. Succulents. # 65 on my 101 in 1001 is to bring more plants and flowers into our home. This little guy was the beginning of that. He was on sale at Lowe's so we snagged him and brought him home. He loves sunlight, and making our bookshelf look darling. :)

4. We get to go to Jackson, MS on Sunday for this lovely lady's wedding shower. Nicole discipled me in college, taught me how to study the word and showered me with blessings during my season of engagement and wedding planning. I am so eager to get to celebrate her and her fiance Brandon on Sunday. It is such a honor to get to be a bridesmaid for such a dear and special friend! 

5. I have started trying my hand at blog design. As many of you know Victoria of Happily Ever Strader designed by blog...She did an awesome job. I however am an incredibly indecisive person so after she was done I created my own sidebar buttons and became so intrigued by writing code and designing in Photoshop. So I have started helping a few new bloggers get their designs up and running. I am by no means a "designer" but it has been fun! All are brand new to the blog world so it has been so fun to get to help them set up their own space on the Internet. 

Happiest of Fridays to you all!

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