Birthday Celebration.

So my birthday was yesterday, and while I may look like I should be about 19 years old I actually turned 23...I am thankful that one day looking like a little girl will play in my favor, like when I am 40 and look 35! Ha but for now, I am learning to grin and bear it every time someone acts shocked when they find out I am not only graduated from college but also married. Okay enough of that I am done now, I promise...

This past weekend was Fall Retreat for Four Corners Mission Network, the campus ministry that I am on staff with at MSU. We spent the weekend in cabins at Lake Tiak O'Khata in Louisville, MS. The weather could not have been more beautiful...not a cloud in the sky, an amazing breeze, and best of all it was not humid in the slightest. We had about 30 college students come with our staff team for the weekend and we enjoyed every minute. It was a very relaxing time of fellowship with some students who have big hearts for our Savior and his Kingdom. Ben was able to come with us for the weekend, and I am pretty sure he had a blast...he is a natural athlete and since we have gotten married he really has had zero time for athletic activities...poor thing. Anyways, he played wiffle ball, Frisbee, soccer, and more Frisbee until he could hardly stand anymore. He came home with a full heart and a sore body after giving in to his starving inner athlete. :) He was so sweet to surprise me Saturday morning with a latte ( I am quite the coffee lover) to celebrate my "Birthday Eve". I have one thoughtful hubs. 

Sunday for my birthday we came home from the retreat and enjoyed relaxing and resting together after sleeping in separate cabins all weekend. Ben made my favorite birthday cake (homemade strawberry, my grandma's famous recipe) while pretending he was the host of a new hit TV cooking show...we like to laugh. He gave me my presents which I LOVE! He gave me a photo album (through Artifact Uprising--I HIGHLY recommend trying this website) of our weddings pictures, started my gardening tools collection, gave me all my favorite candies, and two handmade picture frames with our vows (that we wrote ourselves for our wedding) printed on rustic fabric inside (not pictured). He is so creative, and he made yesterday so special, we went to Hibachi for dinner and stuffed ourselves and then came home and watched the Miss America pageant on ABC. Great ending to a great day. 

Thank you to every person who called, text, or told me Happy Birthday. It is a joy to feel so loved by so many incredible people! Thank you for thinking of me and loving me so well yesterday and every day! I praise the Lord for each of you!

This week is a busy week full of small groups, a jewelry trunk show, a baby shower, a wedding, and trip to Ben's parents house, so until next week!! Happy Monday dear ones!

What are your favorite birthday traditions? Would love to hear from you!

Take Care!

DIY Date Night Jar (52 almost FREE ideas)

So Ben's birthday was last week, he turned 24! It was a great day full of celebrating him, and because we are newlyweds and not just rolling in mounds of cash I made several of his birthday presents myself. :) This is an idea I saw on Pinterest, so I am not claiming it as my idea by any means...but I did want to share the idea with you, along with the "Date Nights" I chose to include. This is so easy to do and so much fun to have all these fun dates to try and plan for throughout the year. 

***So thankful for all the Pinterest love. Hope you love these ideas, please be creative and think of dates that fit you and your special someone. Please look around my blog and enjoy yourself. I love to get feedback from my readers, drop me a line anytime!***

So I just got a mason jar and spray painted it a metal gray can do whatever you want to here...mason jar, tin can, glass jar of any kind would work. 

I used Popsicle sticks to write the dates on, again, this is up to you on what you want to do. It just seemed to work well for me to use these. 

Then you just stick the sticks inside the jar and you have a customized date night jar for you are your main squeeze. HOW FUN?! I know...

So all the dates that I included... (Don't just copy, really try to think and make a list based on your personality and plan for things you and your man would really enjoy)

  1. Watch the sunset.
  2. Have a music night (Ben plays several instruments and I love to sing so we go to a nearby chapel and jam out together or enjoy some music together at home)
  3. City Tour of Homes (A nearby city does this every year and allows people to tour these amazing antebellum homes....we cannot wait to go this year)
  4. Progressive Dinner (appetizer at one restaurant, entree somewhere else, and dessert somewhere else!)
  5. Build and fly a kite!
  6. Shoot guns together. (I know this is a southern thing, but Ben loves to shoot skeet and play with his guns, always remember gun safety)
  7. Day long road trip (ours is to somewhere no further than 2 hours away)
  8. Hammocking (we both have eno hammocks and love to take them outside and relax under the trees together)
  9. Monopoly Night.
  10. Trip to a local orchard or farm to pick fruits and veggies.
  11. Bake together.
  12. Technology FREE night (no computer, phone, TV, ipad...nothing, just enjoying each other)
  13. Movie Marathon!
  14. Krispy Kreme Trip (for us Krispy Kreme is 30 minutes away so it is a treat to get to enjoy that sugary goodness)
  15. Youtube Dance Lessons (Line Dancing, Swing Dances, Ballroom Dancing?)
  16. Coffee Shop Date (maybe you will be lucky and can enjoy some local live music while you are there too)
  17. Play tennis together.
  18. Volunteer together. 
  19. Go pick blueberries. (or anything for that matter)
  20. Go to the pet store, or the humane society.
  21. Go geocaching (get out of your box and try something adventurous)
  22. Slack line (this is something Ben is really good at, so he is going to teach me sometime how to do it)
  23. Wander through a bookstore.
  24. Get coffee + go on a walk. 
  25. Pick pecans, make pecan brittle.
  26. Dinner and a movie (classic)
  27. Watch a documentary together
  28. Fondue Night. 
  29. Chocolate/Wine Tasting. (Whichever you prefer).
  30. Portable Drive-In. (take a laptop, and a movie and drive somewhere in town and watch a movie, or do this is your backyard)
  31. Dinner at the County Lake (this is a lake in town and you don't have to pay any thing to just go out there and cook on their grounds)
  32. Stargazing.
  33. Wash your cars together.
  34. Bowling Night!
  35. Camping, classic couple retreat for an evening or a weekend...and Ben adores camping. 
  36. Night car ride. windows down...that is a must. 
  37. Picnic. 
  38. Camping in the living room (build a fort, set up a tent, light your fire in your fireplace, enjoy an evening on the floor with your love)
  39. Put together a puzzle.
  40. Game Night (with friends of course)
  41. Find all the Historic Landmarks in your city.
  42. Spend an evening making bucket lists and setting goals for your family. 
  43. Build a fire and make s'mores.
  44. Enjoy a romantic bubble bath.
  45. Bingo night (this happens every week at a local coffee bar that we love)
  46. Watch the sunrise + breakfast date.
  47. Dollar Tree date + Ice Cream (you go in dollar tree and each have 5$, you can take like 15-20 minutes and compete to find a gift for each other and whoever's gift is the most _____ wins...the most outrageous, thoughtful, unique, tacky, useful...)
  48. At- Home spa night!
  49. Go Hiking.
  50. Pottery night.
  51. Homemade, candle light dinner.
  52. Grill out night. 

So here ya go. I hope this inspires you to create you own list of dates for you and your man to enjoy. Remember, think outside of the box, try new things, and be is more fun that way. 

Happy Sunday Folks, praying you all will worship the Lord today with a joyful noise. Have a great week!!

Take Care!