catch up


It is time to link up Anne and Jenna for another round of the Currently Link Up! 

making - Right now I am making all the crochet things. Seriously though, I have more yarn than the average person, and I am always found with a skein and hook in my hands. I have been selling so many cozies that I use all my free time to fill orders and build back up my inventory! It is seriously SO MUCH FUN! 

listening - To Mariah Carey's Pandora Christmas station. Literally all day. Every day. and I dont even have one tiny bit of shame about it. 

wrapping - These bottles of vanilla extract. Well not these exact bottles, but the bottles I made two months ago to give as gifts this holiday season! So yum, and so easy to make! 

watching (switching with reading because I haven't had time to watch anything...wah wah) - I am reading Notes from a Blue Bike still...yes I started in over a month or two ago but I am slowly but surely finding time to keep working through it, and it is so good for my soul. 

anticipating - I am highly anticipating getting these lovely pictures back from Lauren who took our Christmas card photos. She is SO SO TALENTED, and I am dying to see all the shots she got of our little family! :) 

What have you been up to lately?

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