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My Attempt at French Baking + Cookbook Review

So it is well known around here that kitchen is my spot. I do not even have to tell any of you that. It makes me happy, relieves my stress, and is a way I can create things for others and shower them with love through food. It is my favorite place in the house.

In the past year or so I have really worked hard to become better in the kitchen. I have worked on simple technique. Such as how to hold a knife, cut veggies, roast meats, sear chicken, saute onions, and stir fry noodles. I have learned how to make the perfect cheese grits and a mean pot roast. I have tried, tried, and tried again to learn new things and how to do things the right way! 

I even created a board on Pinterest full of my bucketlist recipes. I filled/am filling it with recipes that kinda intimidate me. Recipes like homemade puff pastry dough, clotted cream, Italian buttercream, real Indian curry...and so on. Well, one of the items on my foodie bucketlist is French Macarons.

Seriously only the hardest recipe in the world. I think if you breathe wrong you may mess them up...not really. BUT these jokers are not easy. You have to be so precise which is not my cup of tea. However, I am determined to make these little cookies just so I can have the satisfaction of success due to perseverance! I don't want to quit! 

You may have picked up on this, but my first attempt at these confections was not a home run. They were edible, but turned brown, cracked, and never developed yeah, not a success quite yet. 

Here they are. So it could be worse I know...but you guys just wait! I am going to make these guys right...and it literally may only happen once! But I will! I am not a quitter. 

In other news, I have found myself quite in love with French cuisine as of late. The French have such pure food. They use whole and seasonal ingredients to make honest dishes...and I am all about that. So when I happened upon this

A Kitchen in France 

cookbook on

Blogging for Books

I knew I had to get my hands on it. 

To begin with, the cookbook is just beautiful. The pictures are breathtaking and really pay tribute to what I mentioned above. They are honest, raw, and simple. Most of the recipes in the book seem to be ones that would make it to my bucket list. Primarily because they are all scary and use ingredients I do not have easy access to but would DIE to cook with on a regular basis. I am hoping to first try my hand at these fabulous looking chocolate meringues. I have a huge thing for meringue (maybe why I love macarons) and these just look divine. 

I cannot wait to try more of the recipes inside this cookbook and really stretch myself as a home cook. This is one of those cookbooks that everyone wants to have (because it is so darn pretty) and is the perfect cookbook to whip out on a lazy Saturday and make a mess in your kitchen while creating something you have never tried before. I am just so excited to work my way through these recipes! 

What recipes are on your bucket list?

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The Kitchn Cookbook - Blogging for Books

Happy Monday friends! I am sitting here all cozy in our home office because it is finally freezing outside. I am all bundled up and writing this while sipping coffee that is topped of with white chocolate peppermint creamer (I am so ready for Christmas!)...the best way to start a day! Anyways, this weekend was a great one, my brother and sister came in town to visit us, and while I ended up getting sick Friday night, it was still so wonderful to spend time with my siblings! I was able to play hostess and loved every minute. We had more visitors over the weekend than just my family due to MSU's homecoming game! We had Ben's dad and brother stop by, two groomsmen, and my family coming in and out.

So naturally I whipped up a few things to make everyone feel at home. I made homemade hot chocolate and homemade marshmallows to sip on, and roasted potatoes and grilled chicken for lunches! I love feeding the ones that I love with food from our kitchen. To me it means so much more than just truly is a way I can present the Gospel to those that come in our home. Our Holy Father has provided richly for us as his Children, and when people step into our home and I hope they feel richly provided for in many ways! 

The kitchen has become my favorite place to be since becoming a wife. I LOVE it, and I am always looking for ways to learn more about cooking. So when I heard about

blogging for books

and realized I could write reviews on cookbooks I was dying to have, I was in. (Thanks

Martha Kate

for the suggestion!) 

My first cookbook to receive for review was The Kitchn Cookbook. And man oh man, can I just say I am in love! This is so much more than your average recipe book. The kitchen is a huge resource for those new to cooking. It is like google for cooks! The Kitchn covers everything from stocking a pantry and cleaning your kitchen to the basics of cooking and great recipes! It is a gold mine, and a must have for every kitchen! 

My favorite part is the recipe section, because most of the recipes are simple, but elegant and really sophisticated while not being obscure in their ingredient list! I love that! I have already used the recipe for homemade fresh pizza sauce and tweaked it a little more to our liking! I cannot wait to cook more recipes from this book. 

The pictures in the book also appeal to be in a big way! The kitchens pictured inside the pages are beautiful and so full of character. This is one of those cookbooks that could almost double as a coffee table book or the one cookbook you would want to keep out on display in your kitchen all the time. It is just beautiful. The quality of the pages and pictures are wonderful. I could look through this book over and over again! (I kinda have a thing for pretty cookbooks, see picture below)

The Kitchn Cookbook has taken a spot next to my favorites and I plan on using it all the time. I could not recommend this cookbook more highly to every single one of you! New cooks to seasoned pros this is a great cookbook for everyone!