Dabbling in Design

Anyone that knows me well knows that my husband and I LOVE to make things ourselves. It is a hobby of ours but also somewhat of a challenge when we see an item we like. Ben who is an engineer and myself being a creative dreamer I guess you could say make a great team. We immediately begin brainstorming how we can build/design/replicate/create the item we are look at and most times we are able to do so for a fraction of the cost. Most of our friends joke with us always asking us what project we are up to now...they know us well, Ben is always building something for me and I am always crafting things for our home. 

However, this is more than just a hobby for Ben and I. It is a way that we can be wise stewards of the money the Lord blesses us with. It is a way for us to use our hands productively to create things ourselves. It is a way for us to grow together and enjoy each others company while working on a project. It is a way for us to avoid being sucked into consumer America (to some degree at least) and cut costs while still making our home special and cozy. And most importantly it a simple way for us to use our gifts and passions to bless others. 

Creating is something I absolutely love to do, and what is so neat about this desire is that it is Biblical...sound crazy? Go check out Proverbs 31:13..."She seeks wool and flax, and works with willing hands."...Proverbs 31:24, "She makes linen garments and sells them; she delivers sashes to the merchant." 31:27, "She looks well to the ways of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness." 

So see? It is a Biblical and God honoring desire to create, provide, and sell the fruit of our hands to others. What an incredible thing. Proverbs 31 is painting the picture of a godly wife and these are qualities that she possess. She creates things with her hands and then sells them! I love creating, not just because it is fun, but because it helps me be a better wife. While I am crafting decor for our home I am tending to my household, and by creating and using my free time wisely I am not eating the bread of idleness...who knew that crafting could be something that would bring glory to our Heavenly Father. 

So I encourage you all reading this to reflect on your own giftings and passions and how they can bring praise and glory to our Father in Heaven. That is why we are placed on the earth after all, to bring him glory and make his wonderful name known. 

I have recently become interested in designing invitations, cards, and various things of that nature. I wanted to share some with you today not to make much of myself but to share a passion of mine in hopes of pushing others to look for ways to bring the Lord glory through very simple things in your life. I have done very little up to this point but would love to do this more on the side as I am able. Here are the few graphics/invitations/cards Ben and I have designed to date. 

I would love to help you and your family design a special custom birthday invitation, Christmas card, or shower invitation. You can contact me if you are at all interested. Up to this point I have really done so little that I do not exactly have a "going rate". I can create a digital file for anywhere from $15-30 depending on how complicated the design. Or I can also have the cards printed and cut for you for an additional cost based on number and size of the card. Would love to help you create something special. 

Now that I am done with my advertising, thank you to all those who have used Ben and I to help you create something, or have encouraged us not just in these invitations but in all our furniture building, crafts and DIY projects. We truly do find joy in the things we make and appreciate all those who take joy in them alongside us. Remember, Colossians 3:23, "Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men..." That says WHATEVER you do, so even in crafts and creativity we can work heartily to serve the Lord and bring him glory with our passions. I pray this pushes you and challenges you to begin changing your thinking in order to strive to bring the Lord the glory he is due in everything you do...every little and every big thing. 

Blessings friends!

Pom Pom and Garland DIY Tutorial

Happy Hump Day! It is such a beautiful day here in Mississippi...the wind is blowing, it is chilly enough for me to have on socks and be wrapped up in a blanket, and leaves are just falling away outside. I love the mornings, they are a fresh start to a new day, and remind me that the Lord's mercies are new today. My morning coffee and time alone after Ben has left for work is such a sweet time. I am able to sit at the feet of my Heavenly Bridegroom...and that is always so precious. The Lord is so worthy of our praise and this weather here is just crying out for everyone to take notice of how awesome our God is. 

"But this I call to mind and I have hope: The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are NEW every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:21-23

"Let the heavens praise your wonders, O Lord, your faithfulness in the assembly of the holy ones! For who in the skies can be compared to the Lord?...The heavens are yours; the earth is your and all that is in it, you have founded them...You have a mighty arm; strong is your hand, high your right hand. Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne; steadfast love and faithfulness go before you." Psalm 89:5-6;11, 13,14

So let this hump day not be a day we get in a rut, stuck and finding ourselves groaning about how we are longing for the weekend. Let's REJOICE in the LORD!

Can you believe it is November? I cannot...time is just flying right on by. Christmas will be here before we know it! YIKES! I have not even started on Christmas presents, and I hardly have any Christmas decor...newlywed life I am afraid. :) So this year I am making a lot of our decor for around the this awesome music sheet wreath...

 Another really fun and easy thing to make for your mantel, doorway, tree, or for a friend is a pom pom garland. So so easy. I have included pictures of each step below but please feel free to ask any questions in the comment box below if something is unclear.

What you will need:
yarn (in whatever colors your heart desires)
really sharp scissors
large yarn needle

To start, pick the color yarn you want your pom pom to be...then begin to wrap it around your fingers (I used the first three fingers) or for a little bit larger pom wrap the yarn around your palm. Continue wrapping for about 70-75 times around. I think doing any less doesn't make it full enough.

Once you have wrapped your yarn as many times as you want, carefully slide it off your fingers and cut the end. Take another piece of yarn and tie it around the center of the yarn. Be careful to hold on to it so you don't undo all your wrapping. It should look like the picture below once you have tightly secure your knot. 

Then take your REALLY sharp scissors and cut all the little loops.

Once you have cut every loop your pom pom will look a little now you have to give it a good trim. 

Cut all the little strands of yarn until you feel your pom pom is all tidy and the size you like. mine looked about like this once I was finished. 

and there you have it. Now you know how to make pom poms, and trust me you will find yourself addicted to this easy and fun craft! Now for the garland...silly me didn't take any pictures of this part but it is just as self explanatory as the poms. Just thread a yarn needle with yarn that you want to hang your pom poms on and push it through each pom pom. If you do not have a yarn needle you can just leave a couple stands of yarn long when you are trimming the pom up and use those to attach the pom to the string for hanging. Either way works great and will still get you to an awesome finished product.

Now go make some garlands to decorate your house with. Make some for your friends, family, neighbors...make one for a stranger even. This easy craft is sure to put a smile on your face and on other's faces as well. 

Take care! XOXO.