december goals

December Goals

It is my favorite month of the year! I love December, and Christmas and all that comes along with the Holiday season!

Last month I shared my heart about my November goals and starting fresh. November was a great was tiring, as Ben and I are still navigating our busy schedules. But, my Etsy shop has been booming, and we have really gotten a schedule worked out for the way that we spend our time in the evenings together. November was the month where I felt we could finally breathe, and breathe deep. 

It feels as if we have moved out of survival mode and are slowly making out way into a place of thriving. It feels amazing to be making strides towards this goal. If I am learning one thing through all of this though it is that I cannot force myself into a place of joy, peace, and thriving. I must rely on the Holy Spirit in order to navigate this journey. 

I was really excited when looking back at November's much was accomplished! 


1. Set a schedule with my new work schedule to make time for blog design, house chores, blog work, and Etsy shop orders. 

2. Create a new financial spreadsheet (or have Ben do it and help me learn to use it) for design, blog, and Etsy money flowing in and out. 

3. Take pictures of mugs and tote bags once I receive them. 

4. Have 2 social media free weekends. 

5. Go home to Georgia and create a weekend bucketlist of Fall things to do while there. 

6. Make 1 recipe from my foodie bucketlist. 

7. Finish reading The Best Yes. 

8. Begin Christmas shopping and planning for handmade gifts. 

9. Get Christmas card pictures taken. 

10. Have people over for dinner once or twice every week! 


1. Complete all Etsy orders and close down shop for Christmas. 

2. Create "prototypes" of our new products that will be coming to Oh Simple Joys with Ben. 

3. Order newest products for Oh Simple Joys. 

4. Go see Christmas lights with Ben. 

5. Read one book! Just one! 

6. Have a baking day, and take goodies to church families. 

7. Social media free weekend, and 2-3 week days during the month. 

8. Have a date night with Ben!

9. Take 30 minutes just for myself everyday. 

10. Make a recipe from my foodie bucketlist! 

I am really excited to travel and see both families for Christmas and have a few days of free time away from work, blogging, and the Etsy shop! December is going to be an amazing month full of memories! 

What goals are you setting this month?