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Creating a Peace Filled Home

Happy Sunday! I have started taking off blogging for the weekends. However, I had the privilege of appearing over at the Our Yellow Door blog yesterday. Sweet Rachel (the face behind the blog) asked me to write a post about creating a home that exudes peace. Creating a peaceful and joyful home is something I have become so passionate about as a newlywed. It is such a sweet journey to make a house a home. 

So hop on over and give Rachel some love at Our Yellow Door and check out my thoughts on creating homes filled with peace!

And get excited for a week full of some really fun and exciting posts, plus a guest blogger! YAY!



House to Home

Good Morning friends! I am blogging over at my sweet friend Amy's blog today, Lovely Does It today. I will be sharing about how to take your house and make it your home. As a new wife one of the most exciting journeys for me has been taking our tiny apartment and making it home for us. So hop on over to Lovely Does It and check out my tips and ideas to take your house and make it feel like home for you and your loved ones. 

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This truly is something I love to write about because I do think that it is a God honoring thing for us as women and the overseers of the home to strive to have peaceful and beautiful homes. Not expensive and elaborate homes, but homes that exude love and peace. I am also linking up with some wonderful ladies for Thankful Thursday. I am so thankful for a home, with a husband, and marriage...these things bring me some of my greatest joy in life. Join me over with Carly Blogs HereMake Me up MiaKatie Elizabeth, and The Strong Family as we reflect on thankfulness this week! 

How do you make your house feel like home? 



Living Room Tour.

I have loved so much seeing several posts lately about what home means to different bloggers. So I decided to share a little bit of our humble abode with you all today. We live in an old Victorian home that has been split into several apartments. 

5 fun facts about our apartment:

1. We have the front porch, plus a porch swing, and we do not have to share with anyone. 

2. We are walking distance from my favorite bagel shop, coffee shop, Mississippi State's campus, the Farmer's Market, and our favorite local pizza joint. 

3. Nothing, not one single thing, in this house is symmetrical, level, or straight. There are cracks, gaps, holes, and anything else you can think of. And you know what? we love it! most of the time. Our house has its own personality, it makes weird noises, sometimes smells funny, but it has been fun making this funky place our home.

4. Ben tiled our shower, which is something he has never done before and it is beautiful. (See pictures here) We have also built a lot of our own furniture. We love to create, and Ben loves wood working so it just seemed to makes sense. Plus it has saved us a ton of money. 

5. My closet is in the living room. There are only two small closets in our entire apartment, so I keep my clothes in the larger of the two...which happens to be the one in the living room. 

So we love this place, it is quirky, but it is home to us right now. It couldn't be more perfect for us in this season of life. I think one of my favorite parts of creating a home with the man I love has been being able to do just that. No one has told me these have to be the colors you use in this room, or you have to buy these pillows to match that. I have gotten to style and decorate our home exactly how I want. It is a work in progress. We are always working on some new project so a DIYer's work is never finished I guess.
Also, having a "home" even though it is a downtown apartment has been one of my greatest joys as a new wife. Having a place for my small group girls to come and hang out, a place to host showers, staff meetings, game nights, and dinners with company, being able to do those things in a place we have already invested so much love into now that is a joy.

So without further delay I give you our living room. I decided to only do one room at a time, so more to come later on. 

{Fun Fact: all, yes ALL, of our furniture in this room was given to us by family and friends. It was a huge blessing to us}

{Fun Fact: my grandmother made the green and blue crocheted blanket pictured, and Ben made both of those gorgeous large rustic picture frames}

{Fun Fact: see that door right there? that my friends in my lovely little (emphasis on little) closet}

{Fun Fact: Ben is currently working on end tables for this room and our bedroom. They are not finished yet but the tops will look like this and will be stained and finished. Oh and they will have drawers. Isn't my man talented?}

{Fun Fact: We have lots of pictures of ourselves in this room. Haha hopefully we can fix that over time. Also the framed picture on the bottom row, middle frame, this was a gift from my mom. She hand wrote all the names of God and places where they are found in Scripture in calligraphy. It is such a special gift}

{Fun Fact: That is Ephesians 5 typed out with our faces in it!! How awesome? This was a gift to me from one of my bridesmaids. She made it for one of my showers and it has become so special to be, vintage chipped frame and all.}

{Fun Fact: We use that little furnace so much. Wish it was a real fireplace. Also, you can read about the chalk paint recipe we used to paint this beautiful entertainment center here}

{Fun Fact: We got our super plush and comfy rug (that is huge, 8x11) for just $80 at Lowe's. It was such a steal and a purchase we are really proud of}

Well that is it. Like I said, our home is a work in progress and we are always adding, rearranging, or changing things inside. But the best part is that we can totally do all of that as much as we want to and no one can tell us we can't! FREEDOM! (slightly dramatic, sorry). But really making this little space homey for ourselves and all our guests has been a blast. Hope you enjoyed seeing into our home.

Happy Saturday, we are headed to get biscuits from a local biscuit baker, and a steamy Americano from my favorite coffee shop right down the street.