Insta Love

First things first, I made the switch to Squarespace over the weekend. YAY! I have been in love with the clean and simple interface that Squarespace has to offer for quite sometime, and was amazed at how quick and easy the switch was for me. I am still making some changes to past content and working to integrate my advertising options and such, but overall it has been a lovely transition. I will be sharing more info about the switch and my experience in the days ahead. 

Happy Monday! I have to say this weekend was one of the most restful weekends at our house that we have had in quite some time. I slept forever, and even took a nap Saturday AND Sunday. Ben and I took Piper on a long walk downtown, we sat in our porch swing for a long time and just talked, and watched several episodes of The Big Bang Theory. It was glorious!

One thing I love to do on the weekends is to retreat. I find it so refreshing to step away from social media for a day or two over the weekends and focus on my little family. It does wonders for my soul, and really helps me to keep social media in check. However, I love spending Sunday night or Monday morning catching up on Instagram, my favorite social media platform. 

So I thought I would take a few minutes to share a few of my posts from the past week!. 

. Beanies have hit the Oh Simple Joys shop, and I have this feeling that there may even be a giveaway happening on my favorite social media spot this morning sometime...hint hint! 

2. My sweet husband had to go to a conference in D.C. this past week and was gone for 5 we snapped this picture when he got back and we were dying laughing at trying to get Piper to look at the camera. Clearly the cars were more interesting. 

3. This lovely red infinity scarf has been restocked in the shop, and is so perfect for Valentine's Day coming up! 

4. Ben and I have a little Sunday ritual, breakfast together. Sometimes we have breakfast at a favorite spot in town, or even in bed, but we always have breakfast together on Sundays. Follow along with my hashtag #rachellovessundays

I would love to follow along with you on Instagram, comment your username below or follow me @mrsrachelcox and @ohsimplejoys for more! The Instagram community is such a neat thing and I would love to connect with you there! 

What is your favorite social media outlet to use?