Friday Letters / 1.23/2015

Dear Benjamin Caleb, you really are my soul mate. You dream bigger than I do, which is saying something. It fills my heart to dream big with you and to create alongside one another. ALSO you were totally okay with going to bed at 7:30 the other night and waking up before the sun so you could see me off to work and watch the morning news. It's official, we are old souls...and I love it! 

Dear Oh Simple Thoughts, I am back for real this time little bloggy! I spent so much of 2014 floating between burn out and too much zeal which left me unsure of what to write about or how to use this space. But the recent switch over has breathed new life into my writing and I am just full of vision as far as you are concerned! 

Dear Holy Yoga, you have become my new favorite part of the day. I come home to you after work everyday and you have become my reset button. I do not have time at 3 am to read or spend time in the Word, but spending 30 minutes opening up my heart and body to the Lord has been beautiful. You are stretching both my body and emotions, teaching me to relinquish control and dig deep for strength that can only  come from Christ. 

Dear Saturday Off, you make me smile every time I think about you. I cannot wait to spend time with family, sweet blog friends and learn something new! I am praying that you are full of sweet memories, successful calligraphy, and laughter...lots of laughter. 

With Love, 


Friday Letters / 1.9.15

Dear Benjamin Caleb,

This week has been a tough one as we have slowly been making our way back into a full work routine complete with 4 am mornings. You have helped me get up every morning, made me coffee, and started my car so I wouldn't turn into a Popsicle when I leave before the sun comes up every morning. You are pretty fantastic mister. 




you make the best coffee I have ever had. Not only do you eliminate all acidity from my morning brew...you taste so yummy I hardly need sugar. So you are making me more healthy right?! Go you! Thanks for being a slower way to brew coffee and thus making me cool my jets and have to wait and anticipate a cup of coffee rather than push a button and be instantly gratified. Who knew you could be so sanctifying! 

Dear Fabulous Foodie Swap Participants,

Y'ALL ROCK! We have over 50 people participating in this little swap, and I am just thrilled. It makes my heart so happy that so many of you want to bless someone else with food, and enjoy your goodies in our kitchens together!!

Sign ups

close tomorrow!!! Don't miss out. 


Power Sheets


you have been patiently waiting for some attention for several days now. I want so badly to dive into all our organized goodness...BUT I know it is better for me to really dedicate time to concentrate without distractions when I start on you bad boys. So how about a date? This Sunday, meet me at my fav coffee shop and we can make 2015 happen over a latte and some Ed Sheeran music! What do ya say?! 


Thinking Out Loud


Thank you for being so lovely. Upon first hearing your beautiful melody I cried. The words in this wonderful song make me so deeply grateful for marriage and give me all the warm and happy fuzzies when I think of my hunk of a husband. Thanks for stirring my affections for my man. I will now listen to you on repeat. ALL DAY. 



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