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First things first, I made the switch to Squarespace over the weekend. YAY! I have been in love with the clean and simple interface that Squarespace has to offer for quite sometime, and was amazed at how quick and easy the switch was for me. I am still making some changes to past content and working to integrate my advertising options and such, but overall it has been a lovely transition. I will be sharing more info about the switch and my experience in the days ahead. 

Happy Monday! I have to say this weekend was one of the most restful weekends at our house that we have had in quite some time. I slept forever, and even took a nap Saturday AND Sunday. Ben and I took Piper on a long walk downtown, we sat in our porch swing for a long time and just talked, and watched several episodes of The Big Bang Theory. It was glorious!

One thing I love to do on the weekends is to retreat. I find it so refreshing to step away from social media for a day or two over the weekends and focus on my little family. It does wonders for my soul, and really helps me to keep social media in check. However, I love spending Sunday night or Monday morning catching up on Instagram, my favorite social media platform. 

So I thought I would take a few minutes to share a few of my posts from the past week!. 

. Beanies have hit the Oh Simple Joys shop, and I have this feeling that there may even be a giveaway happening on my favorite social media spot this morning sometime...hint hint! 

2. My sweet husband had to go to a conference in D.C. this past week and was gone for 5 we snapped this picture when he got back and we were dying laughing at trying to get Piper to look at the camera. Clearly the cars were more interesting. 

3. This lovely red infinity scarf has been restocked in the shop, and is so perfect for Valentine's Day coming up! 

4. Ben and I have a little Sunday ritual, breakfast together. Sometimes we have breakfast at a favorite spot in town, or even in bed, but we always have breakfast together on Sundays. Follow along with my hashtag #rachellovessundays

I would love to follow along with you on Instagram, comment your username below or follow me @mrsrachelcox and @ohsimplejoys for more! The Instagram community is such a neat thing and I would love to connect with you there! 

What is your favorite social media outlet to use? 


I am super excited about this post today! My sweet new blog friend Jenna emailed me about this link up last week and I knew I wanted to jump in. So today I am linking up and sharing about my life currently...what I am currently cooking, reading, wearing, loving, and anticipating!

COOKING- This should not come as a surprise to anyone. I have started cooking through the book Bread & Wine, by Shauna Niequist, and am loving it. So far I have tackled 6 of the 29 recipes, and last night I made RISOTTO! Major fist pump after accomplishing that! I stirred that rice for 40 minutes and had to do a 20 minute yoga stretch routine for back pain after dinner...but it was so worth it. The house smelled amazing, and the risotto was delicious. I have also made Dark Chocolate Sea Salted Toffee, Goat Cheese Biscuits, and up next is a Simple Cassoulet! 

I also tried a recipe (not from the book) for homemade cilantro pesto a few weeks back. We marinated some shrimp in the pesto and then grilled them and served them over creamy pasta shells. I will be sharing this recipe on Friday! So stay tuned. 

READING - Well, thanks to another precious blog friend, Holly, who sent me this book in the mail... I am currently reading through Jen Hatmaker's book, "Seven". And I am loving it. I am only two chapters in, as I just started it over the weekend, but it is such a humbling and eye opening read. I have been so convicted of the excess that I chase after in my life, and have been reminded that less is often more. I cannot wait to read more of this honest and raw book. Have you read this book? What did you think? 

WEARING - Ah it is transition time in clothes. Some days it feels like Spring, others it is 86 degrees outside. So I have been wearings lots of dresses lately...long maxi skirts with flowing tanks, cotton knee length dresses, and sandals...every day. I am eagerly awaiting my 4th StitchFix box just to arrive just a few days before Ben and I leave for our anniversary beach trip! I am hoping that these are some great spring/summer pieces in the box that I can add to my wardrobe! What are your go to Spring pieces? I would have to say mine are sandals, maxi skirts and cotton tanks/tees!

LOVING - Yoga. I just started trying it out this week per the suggestion of my friend Nikki. And I LOVE it. I have always been more of a runner, but since Ben and I have been married I have hardly run once...I have not really gained weight but I miss being active, and running just has not been happening. So I started watching yoga videos on Youtube, and I am in love. One day in and I am sore in the good kind of way. I am excited to learn more and get better at this type of exercise. 

Also, I am LOVING design. I am not a professional, or even close to calling myself a graphic designer. But I have had so much fun lately playing around in Photoshop, creating unique blog designs for others, and making digital prints! I think I got a degree in the wrong thing...haha just kidding. But really, I have found such joy in creating things, and being creative in designing different logos, prints and blog templates. I am eager to take some online design classes in the days ahead to learn even more. Here are a couple prints I have done for some friends lately!

Check out some of my latest Blog Designs:

Last thing I am new Swiffer Wet Jet mop! Lame, I know. But we have not had a mop this entire first year of marriage... gross right? Well Monday night we finally purchased this little guy, and I am in heaven. I have mopped every hardwood surface in our home...twice. :) I love the feeling it gives me to have a clean and tidy home, and I won't complain about the fresh scent either. Swiffer for the win! 

And finally last but not least...

ANTICIPATING - This should come as no shocker but I speak for Ben and I both when I say we are really anticipating getting our sweet little puppy. We will be bringing her home June 2nd on the way home from our beach trip...and we are giddy with excitement. We have almost everything we need for when she comes home...bed, kennel, toys, shampoo, treats, bones, leash and collar...we have got it all. We are hoping to get updated pictures of our little Piper this week or next! I am so excited to be a fur mama to our little me cheesy but this is such a big step for us!

I am also anticipating my first every Influence Network class. I finally took the plunge and joined yesterday after receiving an email from Jenni about the member's downloads this month (access to an interview with Shauna Niequist eekk!). I will be taking a class on creative ways to grow online community! I cannot wait to compare notes with Jenni after the course, and look forward to be a member of the awesome network of women seeking after Jesus! Are you a part of the Influence Network?

Lastly, of course I am anticipating our on year anniversary! It has been the greatest joy of my life to be married to Ben and get to show the world the beauty of the Gospel through our marriage. It has been sanctifying, hard, and glorious all wrapped into one package. I am grateful for a weekend away just the two of us to relax and enjoy each other while catching some rays on the beach! Oh how I love this man of mine!

Thanks for the fun link up Jenna! And Happy Hump Day everyone!

Check out my sweet sponsor this month, Jenni of Frankly My Dear!