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Etsy Gifts for the Rustic Man

Happy Happy Tuesday dear ones! It is no secret that I love handmade everything. Etsy is my favorite website to find unique and one of kind gifts for my loved ones. It is also no secret that I am married to a manly man. Ben would live outdoors all hours of the day if he could, so I love finding fun manly gifts that are handmade just for him. I have included a few of my favorite finds so far below! 

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These are such fun gifts!! :)

1. BBQ Rubs of the States - Does your hunny love BBQ and grilling out? What guy doesn't? Get him this fun little sampler pack of different rubs based on the flavors found around the U.S. Very affordable and such a fun gift for the grill master!

2. Artisanal Beef Jerky I bought the 5 piece sampler pack for Ben as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. He LOVED it. Such a unique gift and the vendor makes this jerky in very small batches completely by himself. Each flavor reflects a different city or area of New York, it is really a great purchase for your jerky loving man. 

3. Seersucker Bow-ties - Bow-ties are big here in the south, and Ben loves to wear them. It makes my preppy heart proud. These bow-ties come in so many different colors and are so well made. A great item to add to any modern man's closet.

4. Old School Shaving Kit - Take your sweetheart back to the way things used to be with this fun shaving kit, complete with beer soap, "Art of the Manly Shave" instructions, wooden soap dish, and a sturdy bristle brush! Nothing like a good old fashion clean shave. 

5. Chocolate Bacon Bark - Bacon + Chocolate, need I say more. I am not sure there is a man in the world who does not love both of these two ingredients by themselves so why not combine them to make an interesting sweet and savory treat for your manly guy! 

All of these gifts are right up my husband's alley. He loves The Art of Manliness blog and all of these gift ideas would be similar to what you find over there. Manly, classy, and affordable. 

What kinds of gifts does your special guy enjoy? 

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Much Love,