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Week in Review + Make it Monday Guest Post

Last week was a great one for so many reasons, and the weekend proved to be just as wonderful. Everything around us is showing signs of spring and summer. Mississippi State students finished classes, the Farmer's Market opened back up, there was not a cloud in the sky was pure bliss y'all.

I have grown quite fond of link up with Beth of Oak & Oats for a time reflecting on the week, and just remembering all the blessings of the week. In the same way that I love goals, I love lists, and I love writing thing down. So it has been really beneficial to me to take a few minutes to reflect on the week and write down was impacted me the most.

Before I dive in any further to this, I am getting the awesome privilege of writing a post for my friend Amy's "Make it Monday" series. I am blogging about making homemade chicken stock today, so be sure to head over and check out this easy, money saving recipe!

And now for a little Instagram Recap. Have I said that this week was awesome? Because it really was. 

1. My sweet friend Caty got ENGAGED! Caty works with me, and has been such a joy to get to know this past year. We are so excited for you and Samuel, and all the Lord has in store for you two! :) Mrs. Bragg, what a perfect fit!

2/5/6. I am wrapping all of these into one, because they all relate. Lately I have had several opportunities to play around more with design. I am no pro by any means, but I have LOVED it. From working on prints for an adoption fundraiser, to a graphic for tornado relief, to blog has all been so much fun. I am really excited to explore this passion more in the days ahead. Check out Martha Kate's new and improved blog design here! Email me if you are interested in having your blog redesigned or would like to see a price sheet! 

3. HOPE SPOKEN! I am so so pumped to attend this conference. I stayed up late with my computer ready to get my ticket, and I am so glad that I did. Sera Beth and I cannot wait to head to Dallas next year. Will you be joining us?

4. Pantone color chips make me happy. I have some big plans that I hope to organize and possibly present to you all in the next few months...but color inspiration is necessary, so Lowe's was the first place I hit up. Maybe I grabbed one of every color...oops!

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ALSO! A BIG congrats to Heather B. on winning the giveaway for this month! I will be emailing you today about shipping you all your goodies! :)

Check out my sweet sponsor this month! Jenni is a doll! :)