new year

Friday Letters + Molasses Cookie Recipe

Dear Ben, you rode your bike home in record time Monday night to come to my aid after I gashed my finger open on a broken glass. (note to self- use a plastic cup next time) You took care of me and calmed me down on the way to the ER. Don't think we will ever forget that night. Thanks for taking half a day off on New Year's Eve to be at home with me. Doing nothing at all is the most fun with you always. 
Dear Christmas, your aftermath has taken over our guest bedroom and due to the size of our apartment I have no idea where to put it all. I miss your twinkling lights and cozy nights...BUT your clutter has got to find a home until next year before I go insane. Thanks for a great first holiday season as Mrs. Cox.
Dear Nikki, I blame you for the 3 dozen molasses cookies in my kitchen right now, and the recipe that follows. Thanks for introducing me to the cookie of my dreams and not making fun of me when I rave about how incredible they were when you made them. 
To my kitchen, you have given me some really great joy this week. Some awesome "keeper" recipes have been discovered this week, and that makes me one happy lady. Here's to a new year full of recipes successes and failures, experimenting, baking. 

Short and sweet this week on the letters. It is a new year, and I love the hope that a new year brings! Ben and I have been taking this week and next to really intentionally think through goals we would like to set individually and as a couple for this new year. We are also having a really special date night next weekend to ask each other some very intentional questions in hopes of fostering some open and honest communication about where our marriage is now and where we would like to see it go. How are you preparing for this new year? 

Well everyone is making resolutions to eat healthier and work out and all that jazz, and what am I doing? Oh you know...baking...super delicious, incredible, moment of silence worthy molasses cookies....


 maybe I am being slightly dramatic (my husband would certainly say so) BUT these cookies. good golly miss molly, they are delicious winter-y cookies that will make the worst of days turn around in a flash. My dear friend Nikki made these glorious cookies for a couples game night we had at our house several weeks back, and then she left the rest with us. I ate one, two,  okay, more like three or four every time I walked in the kitchen. These cookies are hands down my favorite. So without further delay, I give you... Chewy Molasses Cookies

Go right now and make them. I am taking one dozen to my husband and his co workers the minute I finish this blog post. These cookies NEED to be shared with the world. and you will love them. I promise you will. 

In other news, I have started crocheting a blanket. That is one of my big projects for this year, I am also hoping to teach myself how to do embroidery by hand. We shall see how it goes. Hopefully next post I will have some pictures of the progress on the blanket to share with you all, and maybe my goals for the year will be more organized and not so all over the place. Well, until then. Take care!!